CBC Beginners Championship 15th October


CBC Beginners PairsSUNDAY AFTERNOON, 15TH October
Play commences at 1:15pm
 Honour Board Event
*  Recent New Players this is for you!!

Only event specifically aimed at Beginners
*RED  Masterpoints

*  Must have learnt to play at Club or U3A within last
   18 months
*  Must NOT have played in a previous Championship
*  Nibbles after play
*Entries close Friday, 13th October at 12 noon
*  Late entries accepted only under strict conditions.
*  Cost $12 per person

                     Current Entries                

1. P Wickman & G Wickman

2.  S Lo & T Adam

3.  S Kyburz & N Vonthethoff

 4. Janice Curran & B September

5. P Waddell-Wood & R Hitchcock

6. H Kirkby & C Kirkby


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