Teams of Three, Sunday 10th September 12:30pm


Teams of ThreeSUNDAY AFTERNOON, 10th September, 2017
NOTE:  begins at 12;30pm, view brochure
 Fun, Frolic, Classy Eats
Get 3 friends together
each team member must have fewer than 100
Club provides a mentoring Captain
Entries close Thursday 7th Sept at 6pm

*  Late entries accepted only under strict conditions.
*  Cost $20 (members), $25 (non-members)

*  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
    or phone 6282 2382 to enter.

                     Current Entries                 

  1.  A Hajela,S Ritchie, P Saxena 
  2. B Bialowas, J Bergin, H Eggins
  3. R Hitchcock, D Freedman. Y Campbell
  4. J Forbes, E.M. Klar, ?
  5. P Egan, G Wickman, P Wickman
  6. M Miller, N Arnold, P Clarke
  7. W Anderson, E Hunter, K King
  8. C Hassall, M Hyland, D Uzubalis
  9. R Shah, D Shah, D Shah


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