Valentines Teams

SUNDAY, 12th February 2017, 9:30am, view brochure here.

*  Swiss Teams congress event, 6 rounds of 9 boards each.
*  $36 with lunch & after play nibbles; under 25s half-price!
*  Red masterpoint event, directed by Bruce Crossman
*  Cash prizes for overall and category B winners.
*  Bridge book prizes for best Restricted and best Novice pairs.
*  Restricted Teams to have less than 1000 masterpoints in total.
*  Novice Team to have less than 100 masterpoints in total.

Current Entries

Open Section

  1. S Herring, T Paige, Z Nuelinger, A Spooner
  2. G Hutchins, H Little, J Thomas, E Voveris
  3. R & P Crichton, R Brightling, L Moffat
  4. M Bourke, G Kozakos, E Havas, A De Livera
  5. R Erskine, P Nelson, I Dalziell T Heming
  6. D Hawke, V Hopwood, P Scales, Gwen Gray Jamieson
  7. T Marker, B Tutty, C Webb, G Webb
  8. V Brockwell, S Carter, L Ma, E Williams
  9. C Stead, J Brockwell, R Hills, H Ali
  10. A Pettigrew, A Stephens, J Grahame, D Grahame
  11. N Bugeia, G Stockham, N Riszko, A Struik
  12. S Bird, J Hoffman, J Hunt, D Hoffman


  1. T Evans, R Hinton ,M Copping, W Daenzer
  2. R Bergin, J Macklow, A Jensen, J Pike
  3. T Henderson, L Egerton, O Mayne, D Luck
  1. T Lentfer, S MAnion, P Clarke, M Bishop
  2. C Hughes, C Bywater, C Hassall, M Hyland
  3. R Shah, D Shah, D Shah, M Thomas