Login to Pianola


Introducing Pianola

Pianola (pianola.net) is used by the Canberra Bridge Club as its principal club management tool. Pianola securely stores all member information and is used by the Club to send out targeted emails, the newsletter, membership renewals and assist in many other administration tasks.

Pianola is a cloud-based application and members can use their login details to securely access Pianola from any device.

Privacy & Security: Your information is safe and secure on Pianola. It Is ‘locked’ and can only be accessed via a personal password. This is a very important protection for personal security.

Pianola can also be used by members as: 

1.  A Learning Tool: Pianola provides an excellent service for those players wishing to review their declarer play and defence. Results history is provided for each session played. One or more hands can be re-played once or many times, providing useful learning for the player.

(Pianola also has a subscription-based learning tool called Pianola plus and can provide a free 30-day trial. The CBC does not in any recommend or not recommend members use Pianola plus.) 

2.  Partner Finder: The ability to see who is looking for a partner, and you can also ask for a partner for a session or many sessions.3.Easy access to other Club Members: Your contact details can be shared with your bridge partners and the wider CBC bridge community.

How do I Login to Pianola

I already have a Pianola Login 

a)  I have forgotten my password

Click on the forgot password on the Pianola login page and a reset instruction will be sent to you

b)  I have forgotten my username

Click on the forgot username on the Pianola login page and your username will be sent back to you. You will then have to reset your password 

I don’t have a Pianola Login

New members are emailed an invitation to join Pianola.

If you did not join when you first joined CBC, simply email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you a new invitation.

Once you are logged into Pianola you are able to update your details in Pianola yourself.

1.  How to check and update your personal details (you would do this if your email address or phone number had changed).

Click on "My Account" in the drop-down menu on the right ( next to club website) and then click the first tab underneath - "Personal Details".

Update the fields as necessary and click "save".

2.  Then we suggest you check that your Communication Preferences are as you prefer (4th tab) - this includes receiving general emails and results from the Club. We strongly advise members to tick the boxes to receive Club emails and Club results from Pianola.

3.  Lastly, we suggest you review your Privacy settings. Remembering that your personal details are securely stored and password protected, we suggest you share your email address, your phone number and your results history with other members. We also suggest that you do not share your home address details. 

If you don’t share your contact details, other members of the Club will not be able to contact you and the managers will not be authorised to divulge any information to other members either. 

OK – I am now up to date with all the admin stuff. What can I do now?

If you would like a casual game at the Club, you can use the Partner Finder tool located on the top line of the Pianola home page.

If you want to contact another member (either by email or phone), you can search for their contact details by typing in their name in the members area located on the top line of the Pianola home page. However, this will only work if the member has shared their details in their privacy settings.

You can visit the Pianola website by clicking on the banner above.