GNOT Qualifier
GNOT Knock-out Teams Championship

4 week competition from 31st May 2021

                     2021 Results

  1. George Kozakos, Michael Smart, Andrew Spooner, Jodi Tutty, Stephen Fischer, Brad Coles
  2. David Hoffman, Peter Reynolds, Peter Grant, Tony MarinosPeter Kahler, Adrienne Stephens, Janet Kahler, Peter Quach
  3. Wiliam Jenner-O'Shea, Vanessa Brown, Sebastian Yuen, Christy Geromboux
  4. Roy Nixon, Emlyn Williams, Margaret Kyburz, Bob Cox, Sue La Peyre

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GNOT Knockout teams

Supplementary Regulations

Entry requirements

Open Entry but must be pre-entered:

• Online via the CBC Website,

or • By contacting the managers Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dates and Times

The event will be held over four nights as scheduled in the official CBC/BFACT Program modified due to Covid interruptions on Monday evenings at 7.20pm May 31, June 7, June 21 plus Wednesday 16. The Final will be held on a date to be agreed between the two teams involved and the Convener/Director.

All events are held at CBC premises in Deakin unless otherwise specified.

Tie breaking

In the event of a tie in the KO matches, 2 extra boards are played. If there is still a tie, successive 1 board playoffs continue until the tie is broken.


$52 per player for the 4 week event qualifying and an additional $13 per player for the finalists. For CBC members payment is by CBCPay. For non CBC members payment is by direct deposit in advance (BSB 032730 Account Number 355176) or via one cheque made payable to CBC. 


Allowed systems per BFACT Regulations. Yellow Systems not permitted in this event. 

All pairs must have two completed systems cards at the table correctly coded as Green, Blue, Red or Brown Sticker. Written defences will be permitted for the part of a system which makes it brown sticker.

Slow play, Substitution and Augmentation

See ABF and BFACT Regulations.


Appeal arrangements per BFACT Regulations with Tournament Secretary to determine the Appeals members. TD may assist with organising the Appeal.


Gold Masterpoints awarded at 5.0 GW.

Unexpected events

The Tournament Director is empowered to make whatever arrangements are required to maintain the integrity of the tournament should unexpected events occur.


CBC tournaments will be played under The WBF Laws of Duplicate Contract Bridge (currently 2017).

Unless specified otherwise in these regulations, CBC tournaments will be conducted under Tournament Regulations promulgated by the ABF and BFACT. The following associated references are available on the BFACT website:

a. ABF Tournament Regulations

b. ABF System Regulations

c. ABF Regulations for Written Bidding and Bidding Boxes

d. ABF Alerting Regulations

e. ABF Regulations for Play with Screens

f. BFACT Tournament Regulations

g. Conduct of Members of BFACT Affiliated Clubs

Where any conflict arises between these documents, the first named document takes priority, with CBC Supplementary Regulations being last.

Format of the Event

The format is dependent on the number of entries and are shown below for 10, 8 and 12 team formats.

10 Teams (to be used in 2021)

Week 1

Knock Out: Five Head to Head matches seeded by team number: Team 1 plays 10, 2v9, 3v8, 4v7, 4v5. Scoring is IMPs over 28 boards.

The four teams with the highest winning margins go into the KO in Week 2. The highest seed choses an opponent except the 2nd highest seed can opt to not be chosen.

Week 2

Knock Out: Head to Head matches for the four teams - Scoring is IMPs over 28 boards. The two winning teams progress to the Week 3 Knock out round.

Consolation: 2x14 board matches are played by the remaining 6 teams - seeded according to initial seeding so 1 plays 6, 2v5, 3v4 in the first round. Second round is drawn based on Swiss principles (using 14 bd VP scale).

Week 3

Knock Out: Winning KO teams play top two teams from Week 2

Consolation. Scoring is IMPs over 28 boards. The highest winning team from the Week 2 KO (i.e. the team which won by the larger IMP margin) chooses the Consolation team they will play. Consolation: 2x14 board matches. The two losing teams from Week 2 KO play the top two teams remaining in the Consolation from Week 2. The KO Losers join the Consolation movement with 80% of the possible VPs but not exceeding the score of the leading Consolation team, such that they are not more than 4 VPs behind the leading team. The highest Week 2 KO loser (i.e. the team which lost by the smaller margin) chooses an opponent from the top two remaining Consolation teams. The second round is drawn based on Swiss principles using the 14 board VP Teams scale (4th Consolation round overall).

Week 4

Knock Out: The winning KO teams from Week 3 plays the top two teams from the Week 3 Consolation. Scoring is IMPs over 28 boards. If one or more Teams who were undefeated prior to the Week 3 KO loses in Week 3, the highest seeded such team replaces the second ranked team from the Consolation and go into the Final KO round. The higher finishing of the two Week 3 KO winning teams (i.e. the team which won by the larger IMP margin) chooses their opponent from the other 3 teams but the Second winning KO team from week 3 can opt not to be chosen.

If a team is undefeated going into the Week 4 KO, they can request an additional 4 boards be played if they are behind after 28 boards.

The winners of the two Week 4 KO matches play off for the GNOT team position at a time to be arranged by the two teams in conjunction with the Tournament Secretary/Director.

Consolation: 2x14 board matches for the other 6 teams with the draw based on current positons such that KO losers are ranked 1 and 2 and the first round draw is 1v6, 2v5 and 3v4. Second round draw is based on Swiss Principles.