Newsletter - 10 July 2020

In this week’s newsletter...

  • Returning to Bridge in the Club Rooms
  • Next week at the Clubrooms
  • Next week on BBO
  • Committee Minutes from May
  • June Masterpoint Promotions
  • Bridge Tips
  • Lighter moments (jokes)

From the President:

Three sessions were held in the clubrooms this week. We hope those players enjoyed themselves and thank those who are being careful with anti-Covid measures in order to protect everyone. News from Victoria reminds us not to be complacent.

Best wishes,


Returning to Bridge in the Club Rooms

The ACT Government requires businesses to have a comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Plan in order to recommence activities.

The Committee has written CBC’s Safety Plan in order to ensure face-to-face bridge sessions are as safe as possible for everyone.

That said, it is not possible to play bridge in the clubrooms in a way that completely removes all COVID-19 risks. The Committee understands that some members will not want to play face-to-face bridge at this time given their personal situation and health issues. We urge all members to consider their own circumstances and decide what is best for them.

Next week at the Clubrooms

For the week commencing Monday 13 July we have three sessions scheduled at the clubrooms

  • Tuesday afternoon 1:15pm                                           Sally Barber
  • Wednesday morning 10.00am                                      Ian Robinson
  • Friday afternoon 1.15pm                                               Bruce Crossman

Occasional notes

The pre-purchase of vouchers by members via direct deposit simplifies the admin effort required by Kerry and Emily and speeds up the flow of members into the clubrooms through the entry foyer. The club will accept cash at your first visit, but vouchers must be purchased in groups of 5. Vouchers are transferable, so internal arrangements between friends might help.

The committee has adopted a conservative approach to the reopening process. Please be tolerant of our procedures until we can fine tune them to best suit the evolving Covid-19 situation.

Members will see the new bathroom facilities at the clubrooms for the first time. Please note that all bathroom lights are on a sensor timer – so please don’t turn any lights off.

Next week on BBO

For the week commencing Monday 13 July, we have scheduled 6 tourneys on BBO.

Tournament Session Director
Monday morning 10:00am  Bruce Crossman
Tuesday evening 7:15pm (imps)  Stephen Fisher
Wednesday morning Novice 10:15am  Barb Toohey
Wednesday evening 7:15pm  Christy Geromboux
Thursday morning 10:00am  Jodi Tutty
Thursday morning 10:10am (imps)  Jodi Tutty 

Occasional notes

  • BBO is a sterile space and it is important that we try to maintain our membership camaraderie at the virtual table. Please greet your opponents at the beginning of the round (briefly) and engage in chat at the end of the round. 
  • Members looking for a partner for a casual game can log onto BBO and register their name in the partnership desk located in the same place as they would to enter a tourney with a partner. Login -> competitive -> all tournaments -> type CBC in search to find tourney -> partnership desk at top of page.
  • Please remember that you can call the director at anytime if you have a problem at the table.

More information is available on our BBO pages:

May Committee Mintues

The committee mintues from the May 18th meeting are available for download on the Committee Page.

Masterpoint Promotions - June

Congratulations to 3 of our members, who have all achieved a promotion in Masterpoints to be Graduate Rank in June 2020:

  • Keith Besgrove
  • Jan Macdonald
  • Ane McCarthy

Bridge Tips - When to cover?



Declarer plays the Q – should you play the K?

Not the first time.

If declarer holds A63 and you play your K, declarer will with the A and now finesse your partner for the 10 and make 4 tricks in the suit.

If you do not play your K the first time, then declarer is left with J95 opposite A6 and doesn’t know what to do next. If she plays the J you now cover and promote your partner’s 10.

Lighter Moments

A dose of John Cleese:

Why write about the past?
Well, there’s more of it.

Life is a terminal disease and it is sexually transmitted.

Too many people confuse being serious with being solemn.

 Why don't ants get coronavirus? Because we have anty bodies.