Newsletter - 12 April 2019

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Upcoming Events


  • Sapphire Coast Congress
  • Egon Larson Pairs
  • State American Whist Teams
  • Promotions
  • Wednesday Night Eclectics
  • Ballarat Festival of Bridge


From the President:

The club rooms and grounds are now clean in places that most of us would never even look.

A huge thank you to many for their work last week:

The Friday afternoon players for forbearance and then physical help, especially Colin Beaton, Geoff Hayes, Dave Gallagher and Andrew Struik

The furniture movers:  the tireless John Hempenstall and his able assistants George McLean, David Hoffman, Bill Tutty, Jodi Tutty, Ian Robinson, Chris Quail, Sue Samarcq, Terri Henderson

The Working Party group of Ross Crichton, Lesley Gunson, Allen Scerri, Susan Scerri, Julia Hoffman, Perelle Scales, Margaret Bourke, Catherine Cregan, Lyn Turner, Peter Hughes, Chris Sheen, Mark Sheen, Lyn Turner and Anne Powell.

(Apologies to anyone I have forgotten)

As with the first mark on a new car – the first spilt wine or coffee may be a hanging offence!

Best wishes,If you are mentoring or being mentored in May (and if not, why not?), try a different session to your usual one – think about Wednesday night or Friday morning or Saturday afternoon.

Best wishes,


Lighter Moments

When you are giving your partner fascinating pieces of information on bridge odds, think about Bikini Statistics: what is revealed is interesting, what is concealed is vital.

Upcoming Events

CBC Barry Turner Teams

  • Tuesdays 7:30pm, starting 16th April for 3 weeks

CBC Autumn Pairs (Matchpoint)

  • Thursdays 7pm (Winter Time commences), starting 2nd May for 3 weeks

Kantar Lessons

This lesson is suitable for quite experienced players, as well as newer players. Those attending will be grouped with other players of a similar standard to enable Jodi to teach to the level of those at the table.

Sunday, 28th April, 10am

  • $20 per lesson for Members.
  • Topic: Even More Tricks as Declarer, counting the hand.

May is Mentoring Month

Do you want to improve your bridge game?

If you are a beginner who would like some help to improve your game, or a mid-level or slightly better player who wants help to move to the next level in bridge, the club invites you to apply for a mentor during May.

Each mentee will be provided with a suitable mentor as partner for 2 sessions of bridge. The mentor will generally play the mentee’s system. The mentee pays the table money.

Please complete the application located under the screen and put it in the box provided. Applications close on Monday, 29 April at 1pm. Contact Margaret Kyburz on (m) 0406 379 290, (h) 6241 3107 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any inquiries.

Mentors are needed. If you are a friendly person who is available to play 2 sessions during the month to assist a club member please complete an application to be a mentor.


Sapphire Coast Congress

Pairs:     2nd Brian Thorp & John Donovan
              3rd Niek Van Vucht & Patricia McDonald
Teams:  1st  Elizabeth Havas, Chris Stead, Val & John Brockwell
              2nd  Karen & Andrew Creet, Stephen & Jenny Mendick
              3rd  Jan Davis, Tim Davis with Rob Van Der Hoek and Sue Neill

Egon Larson Pairs

  1. Tony Marinos & Peter Grant
  2. Elizabeth Havas & Margaret Bourke

State American Whist Teams

  1. Margaret Bourke, David Hoffman, David Wawn, George Kozakos, Arjuna De Livera
  2. Tim Davis, Steve Carter, Barb Toohey, Tony Marker and Bill Tutty

Promotions for March




Julie Ryan, Heather Seymour


Graeme Taylor


Sau-Yem Lo


Anne Foote, Dorothy Holt

Wednesday Night Eclectic (March)

Open:             John Hempenstall & Clem Davis
Handicap:       Andrew Moorhead & Maureen Lipinski

Ballarat Festival Of Bridge

Members at the gardensMembers who follow the CBC newsletter and our TV advertisements will know that last week was the annual Ballarat Festival of Bridge. It ran from Wednesday through to Saturday with an event every day.  A good number of players from surrounding towns attended plus 10 members from CBC. Canberra was the most represented club apart from Ballarat home members.

Apart from the bridge each day, we checked out the Begonias (Begonia Festival had just finished so still plenty to see), the Botanic Gardens (to see the Prime Ministers walk, busts of our past PM’s), the lovely Lake Wendouree, Coffee Shops and some retail therapy amongst other tourist attractions.  One of our group was delivered to a Barber Shop but did not feel the need to go through the door.

Members at the Ballarat Festival of BridgeOn the Wednesday night the CBC delegation enjoyed dinner together at the famous Craig’s Hotel. I suspect it is some time since Craig’s has enjoyed such a happy group. 

Most of our CBC attendees combined the Ballarat element with other opportunities, visiting family, walking old rail trails, visiting the Great Ocean Road.  It is ideal to explore and combine with other tourist activities. 

It was a very enjoyable few days.  Dates will be available for next year shortly.  Already the Ballarat club is planning a visit to Canberra in October for the Canberra in Bloom congress and a session at CBC. 

Members at the Ballarat Festival of BridgeOverall CBC was well represented in the placings:

  • Tuesday walk-in: Jim Collier and Peter Giles
  • Wednesday Restricted, our wonderful committee members Cathy and Claire.
  • Thursday National Wide Pairs, Section 1, Jennifer and Brett Yeats with a big 71%, Section 2, Jim Collier and Peter Giles
  • Friday, a 5th by Jim Collier and Peter Giles

By Peter Giles

Lessons & Seminars

Master the Basics 

Master Basics will resume on April 10, 2019 at 9:15am.
“Declarer Play – Trumps, Discards on extra winners”.

Cost: $6 for members, $8 for non members 

Supervised Play

Week of

Monday / Friday


8th - 12th April No Trump Play #1 Competitive Bidding - Advancing T/O double
15th - 19th April Trump Play #1 Negative & other doubles
29th April - 3rd May Card Play #2 Finesse Planning - Play Points
6th - 10th May Better minor, responses & rebids Overcalls