Dear Members

From the President.......

Can all players please only park in designated places in the carpark. We must leave access for an ambulance in an emergency.


Our Christmas Raffle is underway.

There are many wonderful prizes: a Hamper, a cake, whisky, port, chocolates and Christmas crackers.

Thank you to Adrienne Stephens and other generous members for the prizes.

Tickets ($2 each or 3 for $5) are available in the BT room playing area.

The proceeds will go both to our club and to our current charity, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of the ACT. Please be generous.


A truck, my kingdom for a truck! Does anyone have a kind friend who would lend us a truck to move bridge equipment from the ABF to the Rex in January?


I look forward to seeing many of you on Saturday 25 November at 9.30 for a Working Bee, both inside and outside the club.

Best wishes



Christmas Parties—4th & 6th December 9:30am:
$40 for members & $45 for non-members.

Fully catered by Golden Roast – menu includes:

  • Main
    • o Hot cooked ham, chicken and lamb
    • o Jacket potatoes with sour cream, roast pumpkin, baby beans & carrots
    • o Salads of various types including Creamy Pasta, Potato Salad, Pineapple, Beetroot and a Fresh Tassed Garden Salad
  • Desert freshly baked and served with fresh cream
    • o Blueberry Cheesecake
    • o Apple Blueberry Crumble
    • o Pavlova
  • Extras freshly baked bread, Hot Homemade Gravy, Mustards, Mint Jelly
  • Wine, orange juice, water, tea and coffee.

Christmas Helpers Needed

As this event is being catered help needed is absolutely minimal.   Say two hours maximum.  Can you help with:

  • Cakes, Slices and finger sandwiches – your small donations will make a scrumptious morning tea:
  • Set-up & Tidy Up – as the meal is fully catered no help with food is required at all.  There’s just a little assistance needed for the days below:
  • Sat 2nd December, 2pm --- set up room for lunch,
  • Mon 4th December and Wed 6th December
    • 8:30am – put out morning tea (an hour)
    • 2pm – tidy kitchen, rinse crockery & cutlery, restore Olive Lott Room (1 hour).


Upcoming Competitions

·      Daytime Events

  • Nationwide Pairs
    Friday 17th November, play against others Australia wide for no extra cost.  Read more ….
  • Christmas Parties
    Mon 4th & Wed 6th Dec 9:30 am.  Scrumptious eats, competitions, fun!  Read more 
  • Evening Events

    • Tuesday & Thursday Evenings
    • CBC Summer Singles Bulter Pairs
      Begins Thursday 28th December 7:30pm for 4 nights, Walk-ins welcome, choose different partners.   Read more …


  • Tuesday Evenings
    • Medley Teams
      Begins 5 December, 7:30pm for 3 weeks. RED read more ….  
  • Wednesday Evenings
    • Ad Hoc Teams
      6 December 7:15pm – Teams or Pairs may enter. Entries close 4pm 4th Dec, read more …
  • Thursday Evenings
    • Christmas Butler Pairs
      Begins 7 December at 7:30pm for 3 weeks. RED mp read more…


A Christmas Present??????

As you know, Ho Ho Ho, Christmas is coming and you need that elusive Christmas Present!

How about purchasing a Voucher for:

A course of Beginner’s class redeemable any time in 2018 ($75 for 6), OR

A set of Master the Basics lessons on Wednesday Morning’s ($60 for 10 lessons).

These are available now from either Kerry or Keith (Managers Office).


 And speaking of Managers – an episode in the life of a CBC Manager..........

 Being a Thursday morning, a very busy day for Bridge at the club, I closed the car park boom gate after the start of a recent Thursday Morning Session and noticed a SUV in the car park with the engine on and a largish man at the wheel, simply sitting quietly in his car.

There were also a couple of other cars parked, but these vehicles looked like they were just about to depart. After they departed, I closed the gate to indicate to the remaining SUV that he may be locked in the car park. I then went back into the club.

About twenty minutes later, I looked out to see if the boom gate was open. It was. So I went down to close the gate and noticed the SUV was still there, man sitting quietly within, and car running.

As I started walking back to the club doors after again closing the boom gate, our slightly mysterious man got out of the car and walked briskly toward me.

Expecting and prepared for an argument, I confronted the man (larger than when he was sitting in the car!). He opened with a request for the boom gate to remain raised. I responded that “this is a private car park and today (Thursday) was a particularly busy day.”

The man then ‘whipped out’ an Australian Federal Police badge and explained that he was on a stake-out (surveillance) for the Deakin shops (perhaps the assumed “perpetrators” were secreting themselves behind a supersized “Mugger”chino at Café Delish) and he needed the boom gate raised in case he was required for a sudden getaway. I happily complied with the request (smiling) and returned back to the club.

A few minutes later, I heard the SUV speeding off, presumably..………the chase was on????



Master the Basics – cement your Bridge skills

  • The next lesson is Wednesday 22th November, with Barb Toohey. 
    The topic is Bidding Conventions  – “Hand Evaluation”


 Supervised Sessions – all Beginners should attend

Upcoming topics:

  • November 20th & 23rd – Overcalls
  • November 27th & 30th – responses to 1NT and Stayman

Barb and/or Jeanette & Ann look forward to seeing you there.


Dear Hilda Lirsch,

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In my partnership an opening bid of 2S promises 5-9 hcp and 6 spades. As dealer I held:





Should I have opened 2S?

Best wishes,



Dear Points-Schmoints,

No. You are pre-empting your own side.

If pard holds a routine hand, such as:





an opening bid of 2S will be the final contract, but your partnership is cold for 6C.

Best wishes,




Dear Hilda, why is your nom-de-plume not a complete anagram of Richard Hills?

Yours sincerely



Upcoming Events – plenty of Bridge to be played!


  • Nationwide Pairs – please go to: 


  • Christmas Parties – please go to: 


  • CBC Summer Singles – please go to: 


  • Medley Teams – please go to:


  • Ad Hoc Teams – please go to: 


  • Christmas Butler Pairs – please go to:


Standby Players wanted for:

‘Summer Festival of Bridge’


If you wish to be a ‘Standby Player’, please contact Perelle Scales on:

Mobile phone: 0450 961 935

E-mail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Kind regards

Kerry and Keith