From the President..........


A big thank you to the wonderful Mary Tough for organising Melbourne Cup Day with her usual style, panache and efficiency. Thank you also to every one of her cheerful band of helpers (mentioned elsewhere).

A working bee will be held at the club on Saturday 25th November at 9.30am. Many things need to be done, both inside and outside – something for everyone! Decorating the clubrooms for Christmas is one of the jobs. Please let one of the managers or myself know if you are able to assist.

Please note elsewhere in the newsletter information about John McIlwraith’s visit on 18-19 November. Saturday is for interested players and those with a possible interest in directing at a ‘Club’ level. You can learn about changes to the laws. Sunday morning is for those who are already directing and wishing to progress to become accredited to direct at a ‘Congress’ level.

Enjoy your bridge,



Upcoming Events – and plenty of events on!

 ·        Daytime Events

·        Evening Events





Commonwealth of Nations Bridge Championship
BFACT is looking for teams interested in representing the ACT in the Commonwealth Nations Tournament which will be held on the Gold Coast (from 14th to 18th February 2018) in the week preceding the Gold Coast Congress. Team nominations should be made by e-mail by 30 November 2017. Playoffs to identify the team will held in the week of 13th December. For further information see the flier on the BFACT website:   Note the final entry date has been changed. 


Master the Basics – cement your Bridge skills

  • The next lesson is Wednesday 15th November, with Jeanette Graham. 
    The topic is Bidding Conventions  – “Unusual 2NT”


Supervised Sessions – all Beginners should attend

Supervised sessions are a great way to improve your Bridge bidding and play if you are relatively new to Bridge and wish to further your Bridge skills. The lessons, preceding the play, are on:

  • Monday nights at 7pm, and
  • Thursday mornings at 9.30am.

Upcoming topics:

  • November 13th & 16th – Doubles
  • November 20th & 23rd – Overcalls
  • November 27th & 30th – responses to 1NT and Stayman

Barb and/or Jeanette & Ann look forward to seeing you there.


Melbourne Cup
I would like to express a big thank you for, specifically, the following helpers, who without them the Club would not be able to run the Melbourne Cup Event.

The below helpers worked hard over two days preparing rooms, shopping, arranging flowers, preparing food on the day, selling sweeps and generally clean up afterwards:

Pam Crichton, Keith Jorgensen, Ros Hinton, Trish Evans, Catherine Cregan, Adrienne Stephens, Sue Pushack, Susan Walters, Sue Pillans, Claire Hughes, Niek Van Vucht, John Hempenstall, Cathi Bywater, Barbara Bialowas, Meredith Hayes & Jan Johnston.

Also, thank Ian Robinson for running a raffle for CBC’s charity Multiple Sclerosis which made just over $300.00.

Thank you to the following for Flower donations:
Adrienne Stephens, Ann Pettigrew, Dorothy Holt & Sue Pushack.

Thank you to the following for providing slices:
Jeanette Harper, Nancy Hitchcock, Liz Van der Hor, Maria Meakins

Thank you to Andrea Twell for her vegan Lasagne.

Prizes were also awarded to:

  • Best dressed female- Anne Foote
  • Best female hat- Liz Van Der Hor
  • Best dressed male - Len Van Der Hor
  • Best male hat- Prabhakar Gore.

Mary – Melbourne Cup Convenor


Recent Results
Melbourne Cup
The Melbourne Cup day held at the Club this year was once again a big success.
Winners in the Red section were N/S Len & Liz Van Der Hor and E/W John Daly & Adrienne Stephens.

The Blue section went to N/S Patricia Mulcahy & Peter Carter and E/W Catherine Cregan & Teresa Wise.


Tumbarumba Congress

Congratulations to the team winners were John & Val Brockwell, Chris Stead & Richard Hills.


2018 Calendar – The Calendar is going to print in November. If you have any change of phone number or email address please contact the managers asap.


Dear Hilda Lirsch,

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the tradition of Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Hilda Went to Tumbarumba. This crucial hand appeared in the Tumbarumba Teams, Board 23 of Match 3:





All vulnerable. LHO (Hilda's partner) dealt and opened an 11-14 1NT. Your partner doubled for penalties. RHO (Hilda) bid a natural 2H, denying game-invitational values, but showing willingness to compete to 3H if LHO held a heart fit. You elected to compete with 2S, as on good day pard would hold the strength and spade length to raise to 4S for +620.

LHO competed to 3H and pard doubled. What now? Is pard's double takeout or penalties? (This was a theme of an earlier column.) You elect to run to 3S. Hilda's partner doubles 3S for penalties. Hilda knows that the double is a penalty double, so passes, because an entire page of Hilda's system notes is devoted to defining the distinctions between penalty and takeout doubles.

But the main theme of this column is, "When you are in a hole, stop digging". 3Sx would go for merely -200 (double-dummy play) or -500 (normal play). Instead you tried to wriggle into your longer diamond suit with 4D. Alas, your pard gave preference to 4S, doubled for -800.

Best wishes,



Short-Notice Players Still Needed

If you are able to be called at short notice to be a fill-in, please contact the office. If you could provide your name, contact details, and session times you are available, we will retain these to call you if there is a need for a fill-in on your available days.


Produce Table – popular at present
Many thanks to the members who have contributed to the produce table. More are required!

The Club very much appreciates your donations.


Southern Cross Club – Community Rewards Program

And please do not forget to participate in the Southern Cross Club Community Rewards Program. If and when you are at the Southern Cross Club in Woden, simply advise the Club you are a member of CBC. Every purchase you make at the Southern Cross Club will result in a Donation by the club to CBC.


Kind regards

Kerry and Keith