From October 2nd, the Tuesday and Thursday evening sessions will now commence at 7.30pm.

 Monday evening sessions will remain at 7.00pm and Wednesday evening sessions will be at 7.15pm unless stated otherwise.



The Annual General Meeting of the Canberra Bridge Club was held in the Club rooms on Tuesday, September 26th at 4.30pm.

Congratulations to the new office bearers for 2017-2018:

President:                                  Pam Crichton

Immediate Past President:        Perelle Scales

Vice President:                          Ian Robinson

Treasurer:                                  Val Carmody

Secretary:                                  Sue Pillans

General Committee Members: Claire Hughes, Cathi Bywater, John Brockwell, John Hempenstall, Trish Arnold, Mary Tough, Neil Garvey, Richard Hills & Patricia McDonald.

Peter Giles was made a life member for his untiring work for the club over a number of years. A honour well deserved.


New President’s introduction:

I am looking forward to a busy year ahead as President.

Please feel free to contact me on any issues relating to the club and I welcome your thoughts.

I am very approachable and have not yet found anyone who is scared of me!

Pam Crichton



Upcoming Events


Canberra In Bloom Bridge Festival 2017

Friday 29th September – Monday 2nd October
Thoroughbred Park, 1 Randwick Road, Lyneham ACT
This three day tournament offers Gold Masterpoints for every event and free parking for all players.
Entry forms are available at the Club or enter online.

Wednesday Night Bridge

  • Commencement time is 7.15pm.
  • Don’t forget that the Monthly Medal is coming up on 27th September. Winners will receive a free voucher.

As an advance notice, we are planning on holding a ‘team’s night’ on 4th October from 6.30pm.
It is an opportunity for anyone who wants to know how team’s bridge works to dip their toes into the water. Richard Hills will also give a talk on team tactics and teams scoring before the game.

People will have to put their names on a list for this event in order that we can ensure an even number of tables. Watch the noticeboard for the list.

“Pizza Night” Please contact John Pike on 0414 272 778 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Master the Basics

  • The next lesson is Wednesday 4th October, with Barb Toohey. 
    The topic is 1NT Opening – “Simple Stayman?”


Supervised Sessions

Supervised sessions, with a lesson preceding the play, are on:

  • Monday nights at 7pm, and
  • Thursday mornings at 9.30am.

Barb and/or Jeanette & Ann look forward to seeing you there.


Upcoming topics:

  • October 2nd & 5th – Etiquette, scoring and key points
  • October 9th & 12th – Opening Leads and Signals
  • October 16th & 19th – No Trump Play
  • October 23rd & 26th – Trump Play
  • October 30th & November 2nd – Card Play & finesse

Recent Results

The winners of the Olive Lott Gold Point Pairs were Glenda Sullivan & Richard Milner.


Short-Notice Players Needed

If you are able to be called at short notice to be a fill-in, please contact the office. If you could provide your name, contact details, and session times you are available, we will retain these to call you if there is a need for a fill-in on your available days.


Dear Hilda Lirsch,

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If I had bid and made a slam,

I'd say I did and who I am.

As what occurred fills me with shame,

I will not tell nor sign my name.

As dealer, with nil vulnerable, you pick up:





so therefore you open 1C. Pard responds 1D. You show your second suit with a 1S rebid. Now pard jumps to 2NT, inviting game.

The event is matchpoint pairs; 3NT often outscores 5C at matchpoints, so a raise to 3NT is the bid you make. Wrong! Pard held:





so 6C had a 90% chance of success, only failing if clubs were 4-0 (at the table clubs broke 2-2).


Dear No Name,

One of the fine arts of duplicate bridge is that of hand evaluation. As soon as you picked up your cards you should have evaluated a lot of slam potential:

1) a seven card suit, potentially trumps, topped by an Ace and King,

2) a side four card suit also topped by an Ace and King,

3) a void, and

4) the fourth suit being a second round control (a guarded King).

So after pard's game invite of 2NT I would have now have evaluated your hand as worthy of a leap to 6C.

Best wishes,



Produce Table

Many thanks to the members who have contributed to the produce table. John Dunn’s Lisbon (Bush) Lemons are proving to be a big hit. We always look forward to your donations.



Kerry and Keith