Newsletter - 14 September 2017


The Annual General Meeting of the Canberra Bridge Club will be held in the Club rooms on

Tuesday, September 26 at 4.30pm.

Nomination forms for office bearers are available at the Club.

 Upcoming Events

 Nation Wide Pairs

Friday (tomorrow) September 15th  at 1.15pm. At the conclusion of play there will be a Panel discussion of some of the more interesting and instructive hands with Richard Brightling.

Canberra In Bloom Bridge Festival 2017

Friday 29th September – Monday 2nd October
Thoroughbred Park, 1 Randwick Road, Lyneham ACT
This three day tournament offers Gold Masterpoints for every event and free parking for all players.
Entry forms are available at the Club or enter online.

Wednesday Night Bridge

  • Commencement time is 7.15 PM.
  • As an advance notice, we are planning on holding a ‘teams night’ on 4th October.
    It is an opportunity for anyone who wants to know how teams bridge works to dip their toes into the water.
    People will have to put their names on a list for this event in order that we can ensure an even number of tables. Watch the noticeboard for the list.
    Richard Hills will also give a talk on team tactics and teams scoring before the game.

Newsletter cartoon 14th Sept 2017

Dear Hilda Lirsch,

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Double, double, toil and trouble.

Only your side is vulnerable. You pick up as dealer:





Some would open a 3H pre-empt with these cards. But doing so could pre-empt your own side out of a 4S game if pard holds a good hand with spade length. So you elect to pass.

Now LHO pre-empts with 4C. Pard passes. RHO raises to 5C, passed back to pard who now doubles. You do not want the opponents to score a cheap non-vulnerable save against your vulnerable game, so you convert to 5H. Wrong! RHO doubles and the number in 5Hx is -800 when pard held:






Dear Mr Toil and Trouble,

Yours is truly a sad story. Next time this auction occurs, consider this:

  1. If pard wanted you to bid, then pard would have executed an immediate takeout double of 4C.
  2. Instead pard chose to trap pass over 4C.
  3. All of pard's Christmases came at once when the 5C raise permitted pard to double for penalties.
  4. Christmas switched to April Fool's Day when you converted +300 versus 5Cx into -800 in 5Hx.

Best wishes,


Recent results

2017 Territory Gold Festival

Matchpoint Pairs-

  • 1st  Ian Robinson & George Kozakos
  • 2nd David Hoffman & Robbie Van Riel
  • 3rd Julia Hoffman & Christopher Quail
  • Patricia McDonald & Niek Van Vucht were placed 3rd in the A Plate


  • 1st Ross Crichton, Pam Crichton, Julia Hoffman, Christopher Quail, David Hoffman & Robbie Van Riel
  • 2nd Ian Robinson, George Kozakos were in the team that came second

Swiss Pairs-

  • 1st David Hoffman, Robbie Van Riel

Teams of Three

The Teams of Three was held last Sunday afternoon. While attendance was down on last year; enjoyment was not. Those who played seemed to gain a lot of benefit and were very appreciative of the efforts of their volunteer Captains. The event was won by the team lead by Liz Van Der Hor and comprising Jenny Dean, Sau-Yem Lo and Toni Adams.

After the three matches were finished the players enjoyed a wonderful repast prepared by Jeanette Harper with assistance from her husband Jim, Chris Sheen and Ann Pettigrew. Mark Sheen looked after the wine service.

ACT Open Teams Championship

Congratulations to the Havas team on winning the State Open Teams, consisting of:
Elizabeth Havas, Margaret Bourke, Richard Brightling, David Hoffman, David Wawn.

Master the Basics

  • The next lesson is Wednesday September 20, with Barb Toohey.  
    The topic is Doubles – “Balancing & Other Doubles”. 

Supervised Sessions

Supervised sessions, with a lesson preceding the play, are on:

  • Monday nights at 7pm, and
  • Thursday mornings at 9.30am.

Barb and/or Jeanette & Ann look forward to seeing you there.

Upcoming topics:

  • September 18th & 21st - Strong 2C opening
  • September 25th & 28th - Slam bidding and Blackwood

Short-Notice Players Needed

If you are able to be called at short notice to be a fill-in, please contact the office. If you could provide your name, contact details, and session times you are available, we will retain these to call you if there is a need for a fill-in on your available days.

 Produce Table

Many thanks to the members who have contributed to the produce table. These contributions are a great assistance to the club and enjoyed by our members.


Kerry and Keith