Newsletter - 31 August 2017

Good luck and safe travel to all members travelling to the Northern Territory Gold Bridge Festival, Wednesday 6th – 10th September.


The Annual General Meeting of the Canberra Bridge Club will be held in the Club rooms on Tuesday, September 26 at 4.30pm.

Nomination forms for office bearers are available at the Club.

New Friday Bridge Session

Starting Friday 8th September there will be an additional Friday Bridge session at 10am, directed by the wonderful Sally Barber.

The initial 10am session is free to all CBC members.

The afternoon duplicate bridge session will continue, at the adjusted time of 1.15pm.

Free session vouchers for CBC members

Between 4th September and 18th September, members can come to the manager’s office and request your 2 free sessions vouchers – valid for Friday 10am sessions between 15th September and 20th October 2017.

Evening sessions players, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request your voucher, which can then be made available for collection from the director.

Maximum 2 vouchers per member. Non-transferrable or redeemable for cash.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday Night Bridge

  • Commencement time is 7.15 PM.
  • Our next Pizza night will be on 6th September at 6.30pm, when Richard Hills will continue with more Bridge Laws that all bridge players should know.
    Please contact Chris Tough (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you wish to partake in Pizzas by Tuesday lunchtime 5th September.
  • As an advance notice, we are planning on holding a ‘teams night’ on 4th October.
    It is an opportunity for anyone who wants to know how teams bridge works to dip their toes into the water.
    People will have to put their names on a list for this event in order that we can ensure an even number of tables. Watch the noticeboard for the list.
    Richard Hills will also give a talk on team tactics and teams scoring before the game.

Teams of Three – Sunday 10th September, 12:30pm

Fun, Frolic & Classy Eats

  • Get 3 friends together
  • Each team member must have fewer than 100 masterpoints
  • Club provides a mentoring Captain
  • Entries close Thursday 7th Sept at 6pm
  • Late entries accepted only under strict conditions.
  • Cost $20 (members), $25 (non-members)
  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 6282 2382 to enter.

Dear Hilda Lirsch,

Q: In an uncontested auction when should my partnership bid a small slam instead of stopping in game?

At both matchpoint pairs scoring and also teams (or Butler pairs) scoring you normally need at least a 50% chance of success to bid the small slam.

However, if you happen to be the Hideous Hog (the cleverest declarer in your matchpoint pairs field), then you should be a little bit wimpy in the slam zone. If the other declarers are scoring a mere 10 tricks in 4S, then your clever 11 tricks declaring spades will be a top PROVIDED that you do not stretch to slam.

Best Wishes,

You can submit your questions by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Recent results

Cartoon: Cat heading into flower patch with toilet paper and magazineTwo pairs from CBC went to last weekend's bridge weekend at Young. Willie Aboud and Peter Carter came second overall and Liz Johnson and Gwen Wilcox third overall. Well done everyone!
Congratulations to Sean Mullamphy & Arjuna De Livera, coming second in the Nationwide Pairs for August.

The Produce Table needs some produce

  • Especially lemons; we love lemons.
  • Little cakes and biscuits are very popular too.

Proceeds from the table benefit the club.

The produce table is located in the foyer of the club.

Master the Basics

  • These lessons start at 9.15am sharp.
  • The next lesson is Wednesday September 6, with Barb Toohey. The topic is Doubles – “Takeout Double”.
  • Stay and play in the session following starting at 10.00am.

Supervised Sessions

Supervised sessions, with a lesson preceding the play, are on:

  • Monday nights at 7pm, and
  • Thursday mornings at 9.30am.

Barb and/or Jeanette & Ann look forward to seeing you there.

Upcoming topics:

  • September 4th & 7th - High opening bids – pre-empts
  • September 11th & 14th - Weak 2 openings
  • September 18th & 21st - Strong 2C opening
  • September 25th & 28th - Slam bidding and Blackwood

Short-Notice Players Needed

If you are able to be called at short notice to be a fill-in, please contact the office. If you could provide your name, contact details, and session times you are available, we will retain these to call you if there is a need for a fill-in on your available days.

A request from the Director

After playing your hand please shuffle your cards before replacing them back into the board even if the hand has been passed out.