Newsletter - 8 June 2017

Asia Pacific Championships Seoul May 27-Jun 7, South Korea.

The Australian results involving CBC’s members:
The Women’s Team consisting of Margaret Bourke, Marianne Bookallil and Jodi Tutti, came 4th overall out of 12 teams. (Correction - David Appleton was not their team captain in Seoul)
The Seniors team that Arjuna De Livera was in came 8th out of 16.
The Girls team Christie Geromboux captained came 4th out of 7.

Upcoming Events

Danish Teams Tuesday Evenings 13 & 20 June – This is a 2 week event featuring short matches of between 6 & 8 boards. Teams can play opposing teams more than once during the event, but can’t play the same team twice in a row. They can, however, play opposing teams twice in the same night. Red Masterpoints

Wednesday Night Monthly MP Accumulation Event-This event will run on the last Wednesday night of each month commencing 28th June and finishing on 29th November. The person(s) with the highest accumulated MP aggregate from these nights will be awarded medals. The pair with the highest percentage on each of these nights will also win free vouchers for another Wednesday night to be used within 4 weeks. Players will have to have taken part in at least 4 nights to qualify for the end of the year prize. For more details of this event see the WEP section at the end if this newsletter.
The medals and vouchers are being provided by donors who wish to remain anonymous.

Change of session time for Wednesday evening Bridge

As of 5th July, Wednesday evening bridge sessions will now commence at 7.15 pm

Ask Richard Lecture series

Richard Hills has offered to run a series of short lectures on a monthly basis on Wednesday nights before play, commencing at 6.30 pm. The first of these will be on Wednesday 5th July and will incorporate a Pizza night (at player’s own expense). People will need to notify Chris Tough (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) by Monday 3rd July if they wish to partake of Pizzas.


2017 Open Butler Pairs
Final winners -Steve Carter & Val Brockwell
Consolation winners – Julia Hoffman & Judith Tobin

Master the Basics

These lessons start at 9.15am sharp. The next lesson is Wednesday June 14, with Barb Toohey. The topic is Declarer Play-NT “Hold up play danger hand”. Stay and play in the session starting at 10.00am.
Supervised Sessions
Supervised sessions, with a lesson preceding the play, are on Monday nights at 7pm, and Thursday mornings at 9.30am.
Barb and/or Jeanette & Anne look forward to seeing you there.
Topics for June-
12th and 15th June - Weak two openings. 19th & 22nd June – Strong 2 Club opening.

ABF Masterpoint Promotions - May

Graduate - Aarnio Frances, Deidre Jones, Marcia Murphy, Sue O’Conner, Bram Van Oosterhout
Club - Wendy Anderson, Carla Di Franco, Jennifer Fisher, Andrea Twell, Ian Vickers
Local - Sue Taylor, John Turner
*Local - Anne Foote, Frank Hamby
Regional - Dennis O’Connor
*State - Odette Mayne
Grand - Leone Moffat, Sebastian Yuen


15-27 July 2017 -Thoroughbred Park Function & Convention Centre, Randwick Road, Lyneham

You have a once in eight years opportunity to play in this tournament, at home.
Events range from one-session pairs to two-day or longer Butler pairs; with categories including Novice, Restricted, Open, Women and Seniors. We look forward to seeing you there.
Brochures are available on the table in the upstairs foyer.

The website is

If you have any questions, please ask
Elainne Leach This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or Pam Crichton This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Other Congress Results

Leeton Congress 20 – 21 May
Swiss Pairs – John Brockwell and Michael Ross came Second
Teams Event - John Brockwell partnering Michael Ross were in the winning team.
Illawarra Congress 3 – 4 June
Pairs – Terry Heming & John Donovan came 3rd
Teams – John Brockwell & Chris Stead was in the winning team.

FROM MY DESK ...................

Wow what a huge crowd of players we had at the club last Thursday 1 June – a record of 37 tables. It was very exciting to see the players gradually fill the room to more than capacity so that we had to move one section upstairs to the Olive Lott Room. I thank those who were there for their understanding and patience.

But...such a crowd exacerbated the already existing problems we are having with cup and mug cleaning and it moved one of our members to write the following email. I think it is worth sharing.

Dear Fellow Bridge Club Members

Those of you who played today will know what a hard job the Director had, with four sections, one of which was in the Olive Lott Room. Getting the results out would have been a very time-consuming and difficult task, which most of us would be totally incapable of doing. Certainly the Director wouldn’t be doing this job for the money. Your local handyman would probably earn more.

So – how can we help? The Director is responsible for the clean-up after the game. Very often the Manager helps, but sometimes she may be busy. Let’s make their lives easier by performing a couple of very simple tasks:

1 Rinse your coffee cup immediately after use, and place it, along with any glasses, on the tray. The dishwasher does not actually clean stains off the cups.

2 Tidy the table as required, including pushing in your chair.

I was disgusted with the state of the kitchen today. If I were a Director, I would refuse to undertake cleaning afterwards. After all, the members of our club are required to do very little compared with most other clubs.

My suggestion to the Committee is to have a Fines Jar and whenever you catch someone being lazy, asking them to put 50 cents into the jar.

It would be good if we didn’t have to use punitive measures to get people to act in a decent way.

Ella Beer

I can but agree with the sentiments expressed by Ella.

I know many of you do the right thing and leave the tables tidy with chairs pushed in and mugs etc returned to kitchen; but unfortunately there are many who just walk away and leave others to clean up after them. It is not the job of the managers to do the tidying and washing up. They have other duties.

Please respect our facilities which are very good and do your little bit to help keep the bridge rooms and the kitchen clean and tidy.

Happy bridging
Perelle Scales, President

Wednesday Evening Players (WEP)

Exciting news for Wednesday Night Bridge:
1. New Start Time: As from 5th July, Wednesday night Bridge will commence at 7.15 pm. This is to allow for short lectures and to give people a little more time to get home from work and come to Bridge.
2. Mentoring: For those beginners who wish to improve their Bridge or dip their toes into unsupervised play, why not try Wednesday night? We are more than willing to provide mentor partners for a couple of weeks if you feel that you need them. Please contact Chris Tough if you want a mentor (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
3. Handicap Results: We are now running a handicap result in parallel with normal results. The handicap winner will get a free voucher to be used on a Wednesday night within 4 weeks.
4. Monthly Short Lecture: Richard Hills has agreed to give a monthly lecture along with a Pizza night. The first lecture/Pizza night will be 5th July commencing at 6.30 pm. Richard will talk about some basic rules of Bridge that all players should know. If people have anything they would like Richard to talk about, please send him an email. The cost of the Pizzas will be shared by those wishing to participate, so if you wish to take part please contact Chris Tough by Monday 3rd July so that we can order the Pizzas. Also please let us know if you have any special dietary needs.
5. Bidding Systems: Bidding systems for Wednesday night will be restricted to green systems with no very unusual (Brown) 2 bids.
6. New Event: A new event will be trialled on the last Wednesday of each month commencing Wednesday evening 28th June through to 29th November. This event will be called the Monthly MP Accumulation Event and will run as follows:
a. All Green MPs awarded on this night of the month will be progressively added to that persons total earned on this specific night.
b. The person(s) with the highest MP aggregate for this night at the end of November will be presented with a medal
c. People will have to participate in 4 of the 6 evenings on which this event is held to be eligible for the prize
d. The pair with the highest percentage on each night of this event will win a free voucher each which is to be used on any Wednesday night within the next 4 weeks.
As agreed with the CBC committee, these initiatives are occurring on a trial basis till the end of the year at no cost to the club at which time a review will be undertaken on their success and future viability.

Clem Davis
WEP Sub Committee
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)