Weekly Newsletter - 22 December 2016

Club closures over the next few weeks for the open section

(supervised sessions are discussed below)
Monday evening 26 Boxing Day - NB evening only!
All Friday nights until February 3rd
Tuesday evenings 10 and 17 January
Wednesday evening 18 January
Thursday evenings 12 and 19 January
Please note that daytime sessions are not affected.


Medley Teams
Winners - Julia Hoffman - Christopher Quail - Sheila Bird - Jon Hunt

Christmas Raffle Winners

1st Margaret Kyburz - 2nd Kathleen McIntosh 3rd - Rae Lorenz - 4th Nola Arnold - 5th Peter Wardrop.

Upcoming Evening Events

Summer Butler Pairs - Tuesday & Thursday Evenings 27 and 29 December also 3 and 5 January.
This is a walk-in event the cost is only $9. You can attend any number of these sessions but the winners will need to attend at least 3 of the 4 sessions. This is a great event to practise for the upcoming Summer Festival of Bridge in January. The club would appreciate a good turn out from members and visitors.

Southern Cross Club Community Rewards Program

With the Festive Season upon us, don’t forget to make use of your Southern Cross Club rewards program. Just swipe your card when making a purchase at the club for the Canberra Bridge Club to gain the reward benefit. If you have not yet registered your Southern Cross Club membership number with the CBC, just pop into the office with your number and the managers will assist you.

Membership Payments –Time is running out!

When making direct bank payments please identify the payment with your ABF number or your name.
We have a couple of payments without ID. Please check on Pianola and if you think it is you please contact the office Monday – Wednesday and we will check against banking dates.

Bridge Beginner Lessons 2017 – members please promote

These lessons commence on Monday 6 February 2017 at 7.00pm and Thursday 9 February at 10am. The fee is $72 for seven weeks of lessons. You may like to consider getting a voucher for these lessons from the club for someone near and dear as a Christmas present.
Please let likely persons know about our upcoming lessons. We also have small brochures you can letter box drop in your neighbourhood

Master the Basics Lessons

Resumes February.

Supervised Sessions

Arrangements Supervised Sessions over Christmas and January
The last lessons for Supervised for 2016 will be held on Monday 12th and Thursday 15th December. But do not despair - bridge will continue! However, Barb, Ann & Jeanette take a break over the summer period.
The Supervised sessions will continue as usual, but without a lesson preceding play. A volunteer from the club will be in attendance to give advice, answer questions and help you as much as you need, but they will not give a lesson.
In other words, you will be there to play your normal duplicate Supervised session.
For this reason, the Thursday time will change, and you will begin duplicate at 10am, as you do now, but you do not need to come at 9.30 for a lesson. Please bear in mind that it is polite to arrive by 9.45, so the Director can plan the movements for the whole session.
These duplicate play sessions will commence on:
Monday 19th December (7pm) and Thursday 22nd December (10am), and continue thus until…
Monday 6th February and Thursday 9th February 2017.
In that week, normal lessons and duplicate play will resume.
There are two exceptions during this period.
Monday 26th December: The CBC will be closed on Boxing Day during the evening, so there will be no bridge session that night.
Thursday 26th January: As this is a public holiday, we are not asking for a volunteer to come to this session. For this day, we suggest you still come along, and play in one of the other duplicate movements.
We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to play in these sessions over the summer period. This system was trialled last year and participants found it helpful to continue to play, if commitments allowed them to do so.
Barb, Ann & Jeanette look forward to seeing you in February.
Best wishes from us all.


From our President

Dear Members

I would like to wish all members a very safe and Happy Christmas for 2016.

Very Best Wishes from the President, CBC Committee and our two Managers Lesley and Kerry

Peter Giles


The Summer Festival of Bridge is fast approaching. It will be held at the QT Hotel, 1 London Circuit from the 10 – 22 January 2017. There will be no cost (unless you wish to make a small payment) and gold masterpoints to be won.
This year Perelle Scales and Justine Beaumont are managing the partnership desk on behalf of the Canberra Bridge Club (CBC). The CBC will earn money for undertaking this activity. You do not need to commit to an entire event; although you are welcome to do so. If you are free to be on standby for even one session it will appreciated. Players of all levels, including novice are needed.

Please advise Perelle 0450961935, Justine 0414637075 or the managers 62822382 if you can assist.

The Story Behind the Tea Bag Tags

UPDATE 2019:

We have been recieving many calls and email regarding the Tea Bag Tags, due to this Newsletter item from 2016. 

The Tea Bag Tag fundraised no longer exists, and we have no knowledge of any alternative scheme for tea bag tag donations.

Please do not send/deliver tea bag tags to us.

If you do know of an alternative tea bag tag donation scheme, please call us and let us know (02 6282 2382).

"How does the tea tag thing work?"

Many of you deposit your tea tags into a container that appeared a few months ago. Thank you !!! And some of you want to know more; here's the story ...

In 2005, I experienced chemotherapy at The Canberra Hospital (TCH). The staff were collecting tea tags in the Oncology Department (OncoDept). They had a deal going: Collect enough tea tags by weight, and someone would donate a wheelchair to the OncoDept. As a beneficiary of the excellent care at TCH, I decided to collect tea tags from myself and my wider network (like many others did). In time, the OncoDept had buckets and buckets of tea tags ... enough to get that wheelchair.

Recently, they started another collection. Same deal ... and so I put a tub out at the Bridge Club, as I noticed just how much tea we BridgePlayers consume!

So ... how does it work? I don't know for certain! Some claim it's a hoax. What I know from the OncoDept is: They collect tea tags; they get a piece of medical equipment after "enough" tea tags are collected. When I asked for more information, I learned that there are donors - generally anonymous - who do the tea-tag-thing to encourage EVERYBODY to participate; so EVERYBODY can donate. Even we OncoPatients, who often cannot do much at all during treatment; even we can contribute.

I remember as an OncoPatient, I was tickled that I could help others, just by contributing tea tags ... no matter how lousy I felt. And friends and colleagues were happy helping me and others, so they collected and contributed, too.

Silly? Maybe. Satisfying? Youbetcha (for me, at least). Successful? Absolutely - this is actually wheelchair #3 they're trying to obtain. Supporters? I collect tea tags from the ANU Computer Science school, the ANU Medical school, my friends in Palestine, and now the Canberra Bridge Club.

That's the story as I know it ... so ... keep those tea tags comin'!

With much gratitude for those little slips of paper,