Newsletter - 17 November 2016


Membership Payments

- When making direct payments for your membership please identify the payment with your ABF number or your name.

Calendar 2017

The Annual Calendar is being prepared to go to print. Please contact the club with any changes ASAP!
NB: If you make changes in Pianola please let the office know as Pianola is not the record for the Calendar.


Danish Teams
1st G Henderson, S Campbell, A Tulpule, I Neill.

Upcoming Events

Nation Wide Pairs – tomorrow!
Friday November 18 at 1.00pm.
Panel discussion this month will be hosted by Julia Hoffman.

Christmas Parties

Monday 5 December and Wednesday 7 December at 10.00am. The cost is $30.00 for members and $35.00 for non members. There will be a lucky door prize, raffle and a glass of sparkling wine. Signup sheets are up in the Barry Turner room.

Master the Basics Lessons

These lessons start at 9.15am sharp. Please don’t be late.
The next lesson is Wednesday November 23, with Barb Toohey at 9.15 am. The topic is Bidding Conventions-Hand Valuation. Stay and play in the session starting at 10.00am.

Supervised Sessions

Held on Monday evenings (7pm) and Thursday mornings (9.30am).
Each session begins with a short lesson, followed by duplicate play. There is a set of lessons for these Supervised sessions which run throughout the year.
Monday November 21 - Thursday November 24 Doubles & Overcalls
Monday November 28 - Thursday December 1 Responses to NT & Stayman
Needing Help for Supervised
Chris Sheen is asking for volunteers who are friendly, supportive bridge players, keen to help our newer players who participate in Supervised sessions. Over the summer (19th December to 2nd February), we need help from people willing to attend our special Summer Supervised sessions, while Barb, Jeanette and Ann take a break. These sessions will take place on Monday 7-10pm, and Thursday 10am-1pm. We do not want you to 'teach' the players, as there will be no lessons over this period, just play. We need you to be there to assist and answer questions, and perhaps play with someone who does not have a partner on that day. You will be given boards for the players to use, and hand records. Your friendly advice and encouragement is all that is needed.

This is a wonderful opportunity to nurture future bridge players. We all remember how terrifying it was to go from lessons to a full blown duplicate event. I certainly don't want what happened in the past, to be an accepted "rite of passage".
Please contact me by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or text 0408 544 244 or phone 6286 2301.

Thank you
Chris Sheen



The Summer Festival of Bridge is fast approaching. It will be held at the QT Hotel, 1 London Circuit from the 10 – 22 January 2017. There will be no cost (unless you wish to make a small payment) and gold masterpoints to be won.
This year Perelle Scales and Justine Beaumont are managing the partnership desk on behalf of the Canberra Bridge Club (CBC). The CBC will earn money for undertaking this activity. You do not need to commit to an entire event; although you are welcome to do so. If you are free to be on standby for even one session it will appreciated. Players of all levels, including novice are needed.

Please advise Perelle 0450961935, Justine 0414637075 or the managers 62822382 if you can assist.

Presidents Corner

Week 7 – 10/11/2016
CBC, the Centre of Bridge in Canberra

Dear Members

A few members have raised concern about the club’s financial position. I may have caused unnecessary concern last week with my comment about the fee increase to occur from 1st January to some sessions.

The club is not about to go broke as there is a reasonable reserve of funds invested. However, the committee has foreshadowed a number of high cost items coming up in the immediate future plus, I again use the example of the last big plumbing expense. A busted drain pipe finished up being a $17,000 expense due very much to the presence of asbestos. That plumbing expense killed any chance of going forward with a proposal to buy decent new chairs for the Olive Lott room. That is why we finished up with 60 second hand chairs from the Southern Cross Club. We are now hopeful of obtaining another 50 matching chairs when that club undertakes more refurbishment. I think the padded stackable interim chairs will serve us well for many years.

As I have mentioned in the past, our building is now some 43 years old, things break and wear out. The above increase is to ensure that the financial stability of the club is maintained.
Players Desk, at the Summer Festival of Bridge (SFOB). CBC will be managing the Players Desk at the SFOB in January for a fee. The desk receives requests for partners/team mates from all over Australia and even international ones. Once the requests come in we identify potential partnerships and liaise with all people to bring about a "marriage". The service is being provided on behalf of CBC by Perelle Scales and Justine Beaumont and is already a big commitment by them in time and effort.

In addition, they also arrange for standby players who are willing to fill in at the last minute if someone falls ill or some other emergency arises. This is where the CBC members can be especially useful.
Please make contact with Perelle either by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone 0450961935 if you require assistance, can provide assistance and or would like to nominate yourself to be a standby person.

Thursday of last week a small group of friends visited Government House and undertook a guided tour of the grounds. Our friendly guide was none other than our own Adrienne Stephens, who undertakes the guiding role on a frequent basis. It was a great tour/outing as we returned to the Southern Cross Yacht Club for a wet lunch and I ensured that everybody swiped their membership cards for our Community Benefits. That was Adrienne’s last tour for 2016 but she will resume in 2017. Nearer the time I will see if others are interested in an autumn tour. Cost is $25 for Snr, includes the boat ride from the Yacht Club with tea/coffee and entrance to Government House grounds. Lunch etc back at the Yacht Club is additional. It was a great outing, with about 1 ½ hours largely level walking, seats and rests areas along the way. There is a rise/decline at either end to access the grounds from the jetty.

Lines for this week:

• Hospitality is the art of making guests feel like they're at home when you wish they were.

• Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes.

Happy Bridging

Peter Giles