Newsletter - 10 November 2016

Calendar 2017

The Annual Calendar is being prepared to go to print. Please contact the club with any changes ASAP!

Upcoming Events

State Swiss Butler Pairs
Thursday night, November 17, 24 & December 1, 8. A Red Point event, (incorporates State Mixed Pairs)
BFACT Honour Board Event. Entry sheet in the Barry Turner Room

Master the Basics Lessons

These lessons start at 9.15am sharp. Please don’t be late.
The next lesson is Wednesday November 16, with Barb Toohey at 9.15 am. The topic is Bidding Conventions-Unusual 2NT. Stay and play in the session starting at 10.00am.

Supervised Sessions

Held on Monday evenings (7pm) and Thursday mornings (9.30am).
Each session begins with a short lesson, followed by duplicate play. There is a set of lessons for these Supervised sessions which run throughout the year.
Monday November 14 - Thursday November 17 Leads & Signals (simplified)

Keep our Kitchen very clean - Especially after a session ants are on the move!

Results from Congresses

Southern Highlands Congress
Patricia McDonald & Bruce Chapman came 2nd in the Restricted Swiss Pairs.
Pam & Ross Crichton came 2nd in the Open Swiss Pairs.
Adrienne Stephens, Ann Pettigrew, Pam & Ross Crichton won the Swiss Teams.

Tumbarumba Congress
Leone Moffat & Richard Brightling won the pairs.
Stephen & Jenny Mendick, Leone Moffat & Richard Brightling won the teams.
Richard Hills, George Riszko, Alison Farthing & Dorothy Jesner came second.
Janet Norris was in the team that came third.

Bathurst Novice Congress
Congratulations to Sue Stacey, Rosemary Knight, Annabelle Boar & Jeanette McCorriston for coming second in the under 40 masterpoints.

Lesley and Kerry



The Summer Festival of Bridge is fast approaching. It will be held at the QT Hotel, 1 London Circuit from the 10 – 22 January 2017. There will be no cost (unless you wish to make a small payment) and gold masterpoints to be won.
This year Perelle Scales and Justine Beaumont are managing the partnership desk on behalf of the Canberra Bridge Club (CBC). The CBC will earn money for undertaking this activity. You do not need to commit to an entire event; although you are welcome to do so. If you are free to be on standby for even one session it will appreciated. Players of all levels, including novice are needed.

Please advise Perelle 0450961935, Justine 0414637075 or the managers 628522382 if you can assist.


President's Corner

Week 7 – 10/11/2016
CBC, the Centre of Bridge in Canberra

Dear Members

This week we have a few good news stories. First up, Sean made a very successful appearance in the club on Tuesday playing with Arjuna and coming first with 63.7%. Welcome back Sean and let’s hope this becomes a trend.

Second story concerns our overall numbers in the club. Members frequently ask me how our membership numbers are going. I am very pleased to be able to say our numbers are increasing, slowly but steadily. The actual achievement of the increase is a story in itself.

In recent years the committee embarked on a comprehensive program to largely reorganize how the club supports newer players and or members. We now have in place programs covering:

- 1 - Initial lessons on how to play,
- 2 - Learn the Basics – (a step up),
- 3 - Supervised play
- 4 - Tiered bridge sessions
- 5 - Frequent Novice sections in competitive events.

This comprehensive program has been supported through grant money over a number of years. It has involved some very innovative “shoe shuffling” with the structure of some teaching as the club has been successful at bringing U3A bridge classes into the club.

The grant money was provided following a wonderful submission written by Jodi Tutty and the overall programs have involved Barbara Toohey, Jeanette Grahame, Ann Pettigrew, Sheila Bird, Richard Brightling, Leone Moffat, Bruce Crossman, Chris Sheen, Jenny Mendick, Ian Robinson and no doubt I may have missed a name. Of all these people some seem to work almost full time on the various elements with others helping out as required. It has been a wonderful success for the club and just shows what can be done with a proper structure in place.

Over the time of the program our retention rate has increased and for the period 2015-2016: - 55% of players who began at CBC in Beginner lessons, U3A lessons, or joined Supervised from elsewhere, are now either members or regular visitors at CBC.

We can improve our performance in retention by being pleasant and welcoming to newer players. Initial treatment at the table of new players/members is critical regarding long term retention. We are slowly but steadily breaking down the notion that some members are not always kind to newer players.

We are now at the point where we need a renewal of grant money. I feel sure that funds will be available either direct from BFACT or from the ABF via BFACT. After all, what are these bodies about if not to fund the future of our game. Regardless of which body funds the program, we simply must keep it going.

I do acknowledge that more needs to be done for intermediate level players and hopefully some programs to support these players will be available in the near future. It has in fact been a matter of how much can be achieved in a given time. We are lucky as a club to have a large number of very talented people and hopefully we may be able to utilize this pool.

Having read the above information about our learning program it may assist members understand why our car park is frequently at capacity. It is a great problem to have. If the numbers keep up on the Wednesday day session, we will move a section up to the Olive Lott room with an additional director. How good is that with numbers? In my view, the Olive Lott room now has the best air-conditioning, so lots of comfort.

Hopefully members have taken note of the changed process with Flight Centre. Please speak with the managers if you require assistance. The commission remains a great source of money to the club.

I have made frequent reference to the Southern Cross Community Benefit Scheme. The last two quarters have provided $1,800 back to CBC from members swiping their Southern Cross card when purchasing food or drinks at any of the clubs. In my view, this is money from heaven. Thank you to all the members who have signed their benefits to CBC.

I would like to give early notice to members that the committee have approved an increase of Table Money by $1.00 for most sessions. A table will be posted detailing the changes once the minutes have been ratified at the December meeting. The change takes affect from 1st January and is to ensure the financial viability of the club. The committee has foreshadowed a number of high cost items coming up and additionally, members will no doubt recall our recent expenditure of $17,000 on a plumbing issue due to asbestos being involved.

I would like to ask our members to be a little more understanding of the role of our directors regarding setting up and commencing sessions. From time to time, directors will ask some people to move to another table/section. This is necessary to balance out sections, avoid sit outs etc. Your cooperation in this matter would be appreciated.

Notices are going out currently to members about annual renewal of membership. The expectation is, if you receive and read the emails, then you go online and update your data through Pianola, if necessary.

Lines for this week:

- Spread the laughter, share the cheer, let's be happy, while we're here.

- If I had a dollar for every girl that found me unattractive, they'd eventually find me attractive.

Happy Bridging

Peter Giles