Newsletter - 20 October 2016

Calendar 2017

The Annual Calendar is being prepared to go to print. If any members have changes or additions, please contact the office ASAP!

Upcoming Events

The BFACT AGM will be held at about 4:30pm, Sunday 30 October 2016 in the CBC Club Rooms immediately following the BFACT Gala Gold Point Pairs. Contact the club for further details.
BFACT Gala Pairs, 30th October: Novice players
On Sunday 30th October the annual BFACT Gala Pairs will be held at the Canberra Bridge Club. There is a section for Restricted and Novice Players. Novice players are those with fewer than 50 Masterpoints.
We want to encourage all players who have learnt bridge since the start of 2015, to consider playing in the Novice section of this Pairs event. It will be a great experience, and there is an Honour Board at the club where the names of the winners will be engraved.
The entry form for the Gala Pairs is already on the notice board at the club.
If you have any questions, please talk to Barb, Ann or Jeanette.
Thursday Evenings – Danish Teams 27 October, 3 & 10 November. A Danish Swiss movement means a team will not play the same team on a given night but may repeat playing against a team in subsequent weeks.

Melbourne Cup 2016

Melbourne Cup day is Tuesday, November 1, and the session will start at 10.00am. Morning tea is at 9.30am.
The cost is $35 for members and $42 for non members. Lunch only is $25.
Payment: This year money will be collected at the table. Any cancellations require two full days notice (ie. 1.00pm Friday 29 October). Cancellations after that date require full payment.
Signup sheet is in the Barry Turner room.
Flowers Please - To brighten our club rooms for this event could members please bring flowers to the club on Monday 31 October.

ABF Masterpoint Promotions for September

Local Master: Kate Cush
Bronze Life Master: Chris Stead

Master the Basics Lessons

These lessons start at 9.15am sharp. Please don’t be late.
The next lesson is Wednesday October 26 with Barb Toohey at 9.15 am. The topic is Slam Bidding – Cue Bidding. Stay and play in the session starting at 10.00am.

Supervised Sessions

Held on Monday evenings (7pm) and Thursday mornings (9.30am).
Each session begins with a short lesson, followed by duplicate play. There is a set of lessons for these Supervised sessions which run throughout the year.
Monday October 24 – Thursday October 27 Trump Play
Monday October 31 – Thursday November 3 Card Play – Finesse
Monday November 7- Thursday November 10 Better Minor- Rebids
Monday November 14- Thursday November 17 Leads & Signals (simplified)

Working Bee

The working bee was held last Saturday, nine people turned up. A lot was achieved, although with such a wet winter, we will need to have a couple more to keep things in order.


‘Summer School’ for Novice Players

Joan Butts, the National Teaching Coordinator for the Australian Bridge Federation (ABF), is providing an online course (with two levels) to help players prepare for the Summer Festival of Bridge. Below is the web site, and further information.

All Supervised and Novice Players are urged to have a look at the site and consider doing the course when it begins in November. Whether or not you intend to participate in the Summer Festival of Bridge in January, you will find the course both interesting and useful.
Barb, Ann & Jeanette

ABF Summer School is a ten-week, free online course to help novice players prepare for the 2017 Summer Festival of Bridge in Canberra. Each week, ABF National Teaching Coordinator, Joan Butts, will cover a different topic to ensure all players have a good foundation for competing in the tournament.
The course is tailored to two levels - novice players, and teachers. Novice players can undertake the lessons on their own, with help from the Facebook forum.
The ABF Summer School is free, but only available for a limited time.
Anyone can complete the course, not just people attending the Summer Festival of Bridge.

Each week, you'll receive an email from ABF National Teaching Coordinator Joan Butts covering a different topic.
• Video explaining the topic
• Lesson hand to play
• Notes about the topic
• Invitation to an online discussion
• An optional online exam

Novice players who complete and submit all ten online exams will receive a graduation certificate.

Note for teachers: Joan also has a ‘Summer School’ course for teachers, so other players and teachers may be interested in looking at that course.

President's Corner

Week 4 – 20/10/2016
CBC, the Centre of Bridge in Canberra

Dear Members

Last Saturday the club had a Working Bee largely focused on outside work. A small but dedicated band of workers turned up. A big thank you to the following: Catherine Cregan and her spouse Stephen Henningham, Pam & Ross Crichton, Chris & Mark Sheen, Rick Nehmy, Keith Mitchell & Lesley Gunson. Anne Baldwin brought the workers a plate of freshly baked fruit scones and Sue Coath a home baked chocolate cake. Sue also helped sustain the workers by getting them coffee.

A really great way to maintain our grounds would be for a number of people to take care of a certain space and keep that area under control all the time. I am sure there are some able bodied peopled that have spare energy that could commit to a task like this. As gardeners know, it is easier to pull weeds when small rather than wait until they hide the cars.

I have mentioned before, CBC is a “members club”. All the work that our members undertake and it is a huge amount, directly benefits all of us as members. If you have the time, we have a task for you to undertake. Everything from very regular things to infrequent tasks but we have something for everybody. Please speak to either Lesley or Kerry or any committee member about your availability.

The other week I made mention about the Produce Table and that resulted in a nice spike in contributions. If you can eat it, we can sell it. It is amazing how quickly the money adds up. A few Cakes or Biscuits would be attractive and there was an immediate run on Perelle’s marmalade.

I frequently write about parking. There is no magic cure but our “Parking Attendants” do help significantly. On some days double parking is required and this means that even more care is required when parking. If coming to an early session please consider using the public parking behind the club. This will facilitate your ease of departure.

The club had a great reaction to the selling off of the plastic chairs. Now complete, they are all gone. We have reduced the number of types of chairs in the Olive Lott room to two types. The “new to us” padded chairs and the older blue plastic type. Hopefully we may obtain more of the padded type and that will mean a further reduction in the blue plastic type.

The “Southern Cross Community Benefits Scheme”. I think there is still some confusion about this process. Any person who is a member of Southern Cross can assign their benefits to CBC. Once your card is registered with the club, you simply need to have it swiped when you buy food or drink at the club. You do not need to tell any Southern Cross Club staff about it, likely they won’t even know what you are talking about. The process is gold from CBC’s perspective. We have raised over $3K simply by people swiping their registered cards. In fact, the last payment of $1,200 paid for those “new to us” chairs.

Lines for this week:

• I find it ironic that the colors red, white, and blue stand for freedom, until they're flashing behind you.

• Today a man knocked on my door and asked for a small donation towards the local swimming pool, so I gave him a glass of water.

Happy Bridging

Peter Giles