Newsletter - 29 September

Daylight Saving

Commences Sunday October 2. The Tuesday to Friday evening sessions will start at 7.30pm, with the Monday evening session to remain at 7.00pm.

AGM 2016-2017 CBC Committee

President Peter Giles, Vice President Richard Nehmy, Treasurer Val Carmody, Secretary Justine Beaumont, Tournament Secretary Ian Robinson. Committee members John Brockwell, Cathy Bywater, Neil Garvey Claire Hughes, Richard Hills, Perelle Scales, Chris Sheen, Mary Tough.


2016 State Open Teams Qualifying: to be played in October are
1. J Tutty, B Tutty, P Grant, T Marinos.
2. E Dudley, A Powell, P Crichton, R Crichton
3. I Robinson, A De Livera, G Kozakos, D Appleton, P Reynolds
4. D Wawn, C Quail, S Bird, M Smart

Canberra in Bloom Bridge Festival. (This Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday)

Friday September 30 – Monday 3 October. Held at Thoroughbred Park Lyneham
(Please note that there will be no changes to the sessions held at the Canberra Bridge Club.)

Upcoming Events

Tuesday Evenings
Spring GNOT Qualifying 4, 11 & 18 October - A Gold Masterpoint Event, pre-entry is required.

Thursday Evenings
October Butler Pairs 6, 13, & 20 October - Pre-entry is required.
State Open Teams semi-final and final 6 & 13 October respectively. Red Masterpoints

Thursday Daytime 6 & 13 October
The Normal Thursday Morning will host the GNOT qualifying event .
The two leading pairs after the two sessions will qualify to play in the Gala Pairs Open Section Sunday 30 October (No substitutes allowed). Pre-entry is not required. Gold Masterpoint s will be awarded in the
Butler Section only.

Forgotten Something?

Neglecting to wash your hands is the fastest way to spread germs and make yourself and your fellow players unwell. Please don’t forget basic hand hygiene: give your hands a thorough wash with soap after using the bathroom .

Master the Basics Lessons

These lessons start at 9.15am sharp. Please don’t be late.
The next lesson is Wednesday October 5 with Barb Toohey at 9.15 am. The topic is Transfers – Super accepts. To make a nice day out, stay and play in the session starting at 10.00am.

Supervised Sessions

Held on Monday evenings (7pm) and Thursday mornings (9.30am).
Each session begins with a short lesson, followed by duplicate play. There is a set of lessons for these Supervised sessions which run throughout the year.
September Topics
Monday 3 Oct - Thursday 6 Oct Etiquette, scoring, key points
Monday 10 Oct - Thursday 13 Oct Opening leads & signals (simplified)

Bridge For Kids

Tuesday October 4, 2016 – start at 10am, finishing at 12 noon with ice cream and pizza. Cost $2.
* For children to attend Bridge for Kids it is expected that a parent, grandparent or guardian accompany each minor and assist if needed. The convenors will have “Working with Vulnerable Youth” registrations. The target age is ten to twelve years but younger ie eight, and older, would be acceptable.
* Card games include any trick taking game such as Old Maid, Hearts and mini bridge for older children. A competent player would supervise each table of four. This person could be an accompanying adult. As participants progress they may consider further lessons or participate in an accommodating bridge session.
* Names of possible participants and helpers can be given to Elainne or Chris by email. Elainne This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Chris This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Detail

Members please advise the office of contact details in case of an emergency.

Mollymook Congress Results

Pairs: 1st Karen Creet & Sheila Bird
Teams: 1st Sebastian Yuen was a member of the Newman team
2nd Karen Creet, Andrew Creet, Sheila Bird & Tony Kershaw

Contributions of lemons, vegetables etc for our produce stall would be much appreciated.


$5 each or 19 for $80
Good solid chairs.
Suitable for outdoor entertainingand large social gatherings.They stack and have a sled base. If interested please contactKerry or Lesley at the club.
Ph 62822382

President's Corner

Week 1 - 29/09/2016
CBC, the Centre of Bridge in Canberra

Dear Members

This is the First President's Corner of the new committee year. Thank you to those members that came along to the AGM. It was a good turnout, thank you for showing your support. It was a fairly straight forward meeting with nibbles and drinks afterwards.

A number of members of the previous committee did not seek re-election; again I thank them for their great efforts. I now welcome new committee members, Claire Hughes, Catherine Bywater and Richard Hills onto the committee.

Although I have mentioned that the meeting was straight forward, there was a two issues in particular, discussed that clearly indicated the lack of understanding about both. The first being how the Flight Centre Trailing Commission process works and the second was donations (normally money) by members to the club.

Please refer to the page headed Flight Centre as part of this message, this will detail how it works and what steps a member needs to undertake for the commission to apply. Please print the page, keep it, place under your pillow. Very clearly we are missing commissions unnecessarily. By all means check your travel plans using web based facilities however Flight Centre state they price match. Please let me know immediately if you experience any difficulties. I have the Area Manager on speed dial.

How great it would be if everybody grabbed their cheque books. There is a detailed coverage of donating on our website. Go to the "Members" icon and Donations and Bequests appears last line on the list. The information on the website covers the issue fully. Should you need any assistance, just wish to throw an idea around, then please contact Alan Scerri. He will be able to help you though the process.

Following my re-election as President I outlined my priorities for the coming year. Ensuring a successful outcome regarding our involvement in the Summer Festival of Bridge (SFOB) and Youth Week both in January and the ANC in July. CBC either directly or indirectly will be very involved in these events. It is to everybody’s benefit if they run well as that success will reflect back on our club. CBC is providing a huge amount of support to the SFOB with a team being managed by Perelle Scales, Elainne Leach is the Convenor and Bruce Crossman the director of Youth Week and again Elainne is the Convenor of the ANC with many CBC members undertaking a huge number of roles across the three events.

My final point from the AGM, this last year we turned in a really good profit for the year. That outcome did not just occur. It took huge amounts of work from the committee, our managers and not least, many of our members just getting in there and doing a lot of work. It was a very fine outcome and for those doing the work, congratulations for a job very well done. Of course, it never ends. The aim is to do it again this year notwithstanding we have some big maintenance items in front of us.

I have mentioned in the past, the committee is your committee. You are entitled and welcome to approach any committee member with ideas, issues etc. New photos etc of the committee will be on display shortly. I will go back to featuring committee and members shortly.

A reminder that we are still very much in the flu season. Hygiene protocols need to be enforced with some rigor and although we miss the table money, best o stay at home if you have any sign of an illness. We also have the hand sanitiser in the foyer, just in case you MISSED washing your hands in the toilet.

Lines for this week are:
• .I'm supposed to respect my elders, but it's getting harder and harder for me to find one now.

• Hospitality is the art of making guests feel like they're at home when you wish they were

Happy Bridging

Peter Giles