Newsletter - 4 August 2016


July Eclectics
Monday Red: Ian Dalziell & Trevor Berenger
Monday Blue & Yellow: Dan Danton & Odette Mayne
Tuesday: Claudia Whitty & Arjuna De Livera
Wednesday Red: Tim Davis & Tony Jowett
Wednesday Blue & Yellow: Rasma Bandle & Ines-Maria Hodgkinson
Thursday: Mark Sheen & Chris Sheen
Thursday Butler: Ian Dalziell & Trevor Berenger
Friday: Keith Mitchell & Lesley Gunson
Saturday: Ann Pettigrew & Adrienne Stephens

ABF Promotions for the month of July
Graduate: Glenda Sullivan
Club: Chris Cheah, Philippa Dee, Sanya Ritchie, Jennifer Seymour, Ros Webb, Jane Young
Local: Cec Hodgkinson, Gan Woo Kim
Local*: Pat Williams

Upcoming Events

American Whist Teams 16, 23, & 30 August.
This is the only American Whist Teams event to be played at the club this year. Normal Teams scoring but with a Mitchell Movement allows you to play three or two boards against every other team each night. It is a Red Masterpoint event. Please sign up for this event.

Teams of Three- for players with fewer than 100 Masterpoints
This event is being held on Sunday, August 28, at 12.30pm.
Three players join forces and are captained by a club member allocated by the club. The field is divided into sections so that inexperienced players play in a different category and the more experience play in another category. A signup sheet is in the Barry Turner room. This is great experience for newer players. You will be treated to fancy nibbles and drinks at the end of play.
If eligible please enter this event.

Monday, Wednesday & Friday Nights

Come along and play bridge on these nights. The club is nice and warm. It’s also a great way to meet other players. We need you to attend to keep these sessions ongoing.

Beginners Lessons – please promote

These are commencing soon!
The Canberra Bridge Club will commence lessons on Monday, August 15 at 7.00pm and on Thursday, August 18 at 10.00am.
This seven-week course costs $70.00 and includes a text book, detailed notes and one free supervised play session.
Please let any friends know that may be interested and have them contact the Managers to enrol.

Nationwide Pairs

Last month Ashok Tulplue & Nat Krishnamoorthy were the leading CBC Pair with a score of over 63%. That placed them 17th in the overall event. Eight other CBC pairs scored over 50% in the national tally. The event was played in 33 Bridge Clubs throughout Australia and 547 pairs participated. All pairs who score more than 50% in the national score up (which is very close to the club scores) receive red points in addition to whatever green points are obtained at the club.
This certainly makes the Nationwide Pairs a worthwhile day out.

Master the Basic Lessons 

These lessons start at 9.15am Sharp. Please don’t be late.  The next lesson is Wednesday Aug 10 with Ann Pettigrew at 9.15 am. The topic is Bidding – Partner they have stolen my bid! To make a nice day out, stay and play in the session starting at 10.00am.

Supervised sessions

Held on Monday evenings (7pm) and Thursday mornings (9.30am).
Each session begins with a short lesson, followed by duplicate play. There is a set of lessons for these Supervised sessions which run throughout the year.
August Topics are:
Monday 8 & Thursday 11 Better minor & rebids
Monday 15 & Thursday 18 Doubles & overcalls
Monday 22 & Thursday 25 Responses to NT and Stayman
Monday 29 & Thursday 1 Sept Rule of 20 and Rule of 15


For those who have been forthcoming thank you for your co-operation. Any member who is paying $8 table fees and has not given their Concession number to the office staff please do so at your next visit to the club. This is Members who hold a Blue Aged or Disability Government Concession. This information is completely confidential.

Good luck to all our members travelling to Orange for this weekend’s congress.