Newsletter - 16 June 2016


Swiss Butler Pairs Winners
Jon Hunt and Chris Quail

2016 Victor Champion Cup Festival of Bridge in Melbourne
Congratulations to George Kozakos and Ian Robinson on winning the Wall Scott Open Swiss Pairs during the June long weekend.

Margaret Bourke and Neil Ewart were third in the McCance Seniors’ Swiss Pairs.

Upcoming Events

Thursday Evenings June Matchpoint Pairs and Knockout Teams Repechage & Final
16 & 23 June

Nation Wide Pairs: Friday Afternoon June 17 @ 1.00pm

In addition to the normal Friday afternoon duplicate, the club will host a heat of the ABF Nationwide Pairs. The same hands are played and scored across Australia. Red Masterpoints are allocated on a national basis in addition to the normal session Green Masterpoints. The cost is normal table money plus $1.00.
The Panel Pairs discussion of some of the more interesting hands will be led this month by Sheila Bird.
Sheila has been involved in the Canberra Bridge Club for over 35 years, having represented the ACT in interstate Women’s events on numerous occasions. She is a gifted bridge teacher with a calm and logical approach to the game.
Regular Friday afternoon duplicate is unaffected by the Nation Wide Pairs.

Social Day at Cooma Bridge Club - Sunday 26 June
This is now full. For those attending please be at the RSL Club in Cooma, 106 Vale St by 9.30.

Griffin Trophy is on Tuesday June 28 and Thursday June 30
This is an Honour Board event and Red Points apply. It is butler pairs (team style scoring) with only one winner. As it is being held during the Australian National Championships, it would be a good chance for up and coming competitive players to experience Tuesday & Thursday night competition.
Walk-in pairs are welcome. To be eligible to win, the individual winner must play with a different partner each session. Table money is $10 for the first session and free for the second if playing both nights.

Bridge For Kids
Tuesday 12 July 2016.
10am finishing at 12 noon with ice cream and pizza. Cost $2.

For children to attend Bridge for Kids it is expected that a parent, grandparent or guardian accompany each minor and assist if needed. The convenors will have “Working with Vulnerable Youth” registrations.

The target age is ten to twelve but younger ie eight, and older, to sixteen would be acceptable.

Card games include any trick taking game such as Old Maid, Hearts and mini bridge for older children. A competent player would supervise each table of four. This person could be an accompanying adult. As participants progress they may consider further lessons or participate in an accommodating bridge session.

We are asking the club membership to embrace this initiative by considering and volunteering to assist where possible.

Now we need participants. Please register your interest.

Names of possible participants and helpers can be given to the office for the attention of Elainne Leach or Chris Sheen. They can be contacted by email. Elainne This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Chris This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please help make this a success!

Master the Basic Lessons

The next lesson is Wednesday June 22 at 9.15 am, with Barb Toohey. The topic is Bidding – Responses & Rebids. To make a nice day out, stay and play in the session starting at 10.00am.


President's Corner

Bulletin Number 24 – 16nd June 2016

CBC, the Centre of Bridge in Canberra

A Member’s Club, the club for everybody.

Dear Members

This week I feature two members of Committee, Elainne Leach and Perelle Scales. Both are amongst the top workers in the club being involved in almost everything from planning, shopping, chopping, dicing, cooking, serving, washing up, cleaning and a host of unseen tasks, and are amongst the first whenever there is work to be done. The members thank you both for your drive and commitment.

Some weeks ago I mentioned the payment of the correct Table Money. Members are aware that the club provides different levels of membership, at various rates depending on people working, a rate for seniors and a rate for those receiving income support from the Commonwealth of Australia and holding a Pensioner Concession Card. Although we are doing it slowly, we are currently auditing what members pay for their session of bridge. If you are unsure of the correct amount please check the TABLE below, ask the director or check the TV screen that is usually on prior to a session. The categories for members are as follows:

Full Member/Seniors pay $ 9.
Concession (blue government issue pension only) $ 8.
Students $ 5.
Non Members $12.
Competition sessions have higher fees

Please show your card to the Office Managers if you claim the concession amount of $8.00 and they will record your number in the Pianola Database. If you have already shown them the card, you do not need to do it again. A Commonwealth Health card is not the same as a Commonwealth Pension Card and does NOT entitle you to a reduced table fee nor does arriving at the last minute for a session.

• With the onset of winter fully upon us I would like to remind people that it is OK to miss a session of bridge if you have any semblance of a cold with coughing, sneezing and such forth. Additionally please use tissues and discard properly and make use of the hand sanitiser that is provided to aid the reduction and spread of gems.

Recently at a number of sessions I have made reference to the “dish cloth” and its “usage”. On frequent occasions the state that the tea kitchen is left in is deplorable. Milk should be placed back in the fridge at all times. It is a health safety requirement. Surely it is not a big expectation that people clean up after themselves.
I am pleased to be able to announce that at the Committee Meeting this week it was agreed to upgrade the air conditioning in the Olive Lott room. When completed the room will be much more comfortable all year round and will enable us to make much more effective use of that room.

Some members are asking about the Ballarat visit. The dates for next year are Wednesday 5th April to Sunday 9th April. Please let me know if you are interested.

It is never too late to sign up for the Southern Cross Club Community Benefits Scheme. That can be done by our managers. It is a very successful program for the club and I am expecting in excess of $2,000 for a full year. You can complete the trailing form and hand to managers to register.

Lines for this week are:

• You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice.
• I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure.

Happy Bridging

Peter Giles