Newsletter - 5 May 2016

Recent Results

Barry Turner Teams – Thursday evenings
David Wawn, David Hoffman, Chris Quail, Sheila Bird and Richard Brightling

Danish Swiss Pairs – Tuesday evenings
Chris Quail and Julia Hoffman

April Eclectics

Monday Red - Ian Dalziell & Trevor Berenger
Monday Blue & Yellow - Patricia Evans & Roslyn Hinton
Tuesday Elspeth Saxby - & Brian Thorp
Wednesday Red - Sue Doyle & Jim Murray
Wednesday Blue & Yellow - Maureen Copping & Wilma Daenzer
Thursday Butler - Ross Crichton & Stephen Mendick
Thursday Blue - Rasma Bandle & Jenny Mendick
Friday - Lance McDougall & Harold McCormick
Saturday - Gytis Danta & Henry Hudson

Upcoming Events

Bridge for Brains - Friday 6th May 1.00pm - TOMORROW
Once again the Canberra Bridge Club is supporting the Bridge for Brains Research Challenge for Neurological Research. Normal table money fees apply, but players are encouraged to make a donation on the day, no matter how small, to this worthy cause.

Flight Centre Southern Tablelands Teams Sunday May 29. 10am
$35 per player for members and $38 per player for non members. Youth players are half price. This includes lunch and nibbles after play. Gold Masterpoints are on offer.
This is a Swiss Team congress event with 6 matches of 9 boards. For 2016 the winning Open and Restricted teams gain entry to the ACT Grand National Open Teams final Sunday 30 October. There are prizes for the overall winners and the category B winners
Please enter your team on the entry list in the Barry Turner room

MAY is Mentoring Month
Entries are now closed. Janet is very pleased that we have 28 members being mentored in at least two sessions per week.

Intermediate Lessons with Ian Robinson

Commencing this coming Saturday!
The Club is conducting intermediate lessons on Saturday May 7, 14 & 21 at 10.15am.
The lessons are designed to initially strengthen basic knowledge about the game and then to move on to more advanced techniques. The lessons are suitable for players with over one year’s experience with the game up to those regular long term players who need to consolidate and expand their skills.
Cost is $20.00 per lesson or $50 for all three.

Please put your name on the ‘improve your bridge’ board in the Barry Turner room.

Master the Basic Lessons

The next lesson is Wednesday May 11 at 9.15 am. It will focus on Signals and discards. To make a nice day out, stay and play in the session starting at 10.00am.

Playing Cards

If you have any full packs of cards that you no longer need can you please leave them at the club for Elainne Leach who is soon to participate in teaching a youth group bridge.

Rubbish bins and Lights off!

There is a notice inside the entrance of the Barry Turner room requesting that rubbish bins be placed behind the director’s desk. Numerous people obviously fail to observe this. It is unsightly when entering the room to see a pile of rubbish bins at the entrance. Please show a little pride in the club’s appearance and do as the sign requests!

If the bridge session has ended and you are using one of the bathrooms please turn off the light when exiting. Numerous times the managers come in and discover a light still on! The cleaners have been spoken to about this also. But one morning when the cleaners did not show two lots of lights were left on!

Lost Property

There is a lot of lost property building up behind the library door. It will be on display next week and whatever remains will be taken to St Vincent’s charity store next Friday 13 May.

Clean Hands

To prevent winter ailments spreading please ensure that you hands are kept as clean as possible. The hand sanitizer outside the Barry Turner room will assist you with this.

Back Rests

The Club will be placing an order for Back Rests, which will arrive at the Club after the middle of August.
The cost will be $10.00. Please let the office know if you would like one.

President's Corner

Bulletin Number 18 – 05 May 2016

CBC, the Centre of Bridge in Canberra

Dear Members

Something a little different this week, but still featuring our members. In our pianola newsleter note the jazzy sign. My brother made it at his “Men’s shed”. The second are all well known to you all, but just in case, Lesley Gunson, Val Hopwood and DorothyJesner. It is amazing the number of people who have said they would have come if they had known about it. I guess that proves it is best to read our newsletter!!

Thank you to the members that have commented about the Dress Code and the Zero Tolerance to Bad Behaviour. Clearly the issue is on the minds of many of our members. The detail is in Newsletter on 21st April

With winter knocking on the door, members are reminded about hygiene protocols, discard appropriately used tissues plus, we have a hand sanitizer at the door. Although I like as many members to come and play, best to rest at home with flu like symptoms.

Many members have asked me about Sean. He remains in hospital but is making some steady progress with recovery. There is not more I can say at this point.

Many of our members responded to my request to sign up themselves, their family and anybody else they can that are members of the Southern Cross Club for the Community Benefits Scheme. To prove, how successful this is for the club, for the 1st quarter - $97, for the second quarter - $500. This just proves how great this scheme can be for the club. When did we raise this amount of money with so little effort?? Forms are in the office if you are still to sign up. Just swipe your Southern Cross Club membership card when you are there and eating and having a drink.

The club will conduct a working bee on Saturday 21st May. Mostly yard work other than for the person making morning tea and cooking the sausages for lunch - me. Please let the office know if you can help. Much of the work is general cleaning up of the grounds but there is likely to be several trips to the recycling area, with things we don’t wish to retain. That can be done anytime it suits somebody.

Last week I featured Don Leslie. Gial his daughter and Don turned up to bridge at the Dee Why RSL on Saturday, to be asked did they wish to play bingo. No, “bridge” was the response. They came first with 67%. Not bad for somebody 90+ who moved to Sydney during the week.

Our latest Bulletin has been issued. Members might indicate what they like and what they would like included in future editions. I would like to build it into a more substantive publication but that takes time and input from members. Any assistance will be great fully received.

Our Produce Table has been largely bare in recent weeks. We need jams, chutney, surplus fruit and vegetables.

Members are reminded that we now charge for using the fiction part of our revised library. Modest costs are outlined with signage. The Bridge Books are in the process of being sorted into categories and are being placed on the new shelves. They will remain free to use. Once we have all the books out on the shelves (minus those we do not want), I will move to buy some new titles.

The following lines come from a bridge friend who runs her own club in Las Vegas. If you are travelling and want a game there I can give you the contact details.

• To steal ideas from one person is plagiarism. To steal from many is research.

• Women will never be equal to men until they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut, and still think they are sexy.

Happy Bridging

Peter Giles