Newsletter - 14 April 2016

Recent Results

BFACT ANC Senior Trials
1. Margaret Bourke & George Kozakos
2. Jon Hunt & Christopher Quail
3. Elizabeth Havas & Arjuna De Livera

ANC Open Teams Qualifying
1. Ian Thomson & Jon Hunt
2. Elizabeth Havas & Arjuna De Livera
3. Erin Tewes & Brad Coles

Upcoming Events

Nation Wide Pairs -
Friday, April 22, at 1.00pm. At the conclusion of play there will be a Panel Pairs discussion of some of the more interesting and instructive hands. This month the panel will be hosted by Sheila Bird. Sheila has won many national women’s titles including the National Women’s Teams and the Interstate Women’s Teams. Her teaching style has a relaxed and friendly manner, but she delivers explanations in a clear and concise manner.
Please note: The normal Friday afternoon duplicate is unaffected by the Nation Wide Pairs.

Danish Swiss Butler Pairs –
Tuesday Evenings 19 & 26 April and 3 May
This is a Red Masterpoint event.
Please advise the club by 2.00pm Monday 18 April if you wish to enter this event.

April Teams –
Thursday Evenings 28 April and 5 & 12 May. Please get your entries in by 2.00pm Wednesday 27 April.

Bridge for Brains - Friday 6th May 1.00pm -
Once again the Canberra Bridge Club is supporting the Bridge for Brains Research Challenge for Neurological Research. The session will be held during the normal Friday afternoon session and red Masterpoints will be on offer as well as the usual CBC green points. Each player will also receive a hand commentary prepared by Ron Klinger. Normal table money fees apply, but players are encouraged to make a donation on the day, no matter how small, to this worthy cause.

Master the Basic Lessons

The next lesson is Wednesday April 20 at 9.15 am. It will focus on Declarer Play - Suit Cross Ruffs. To make a nice day out, stay and play in the session starting at 10.00am.


The entry form is up in the Barry Turner Room at the CBC or contact Roy Nixon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
1. Butler Pairs - Open Team Selection Final Qualifier for Open and Intermediate Players. The 4 highest placed pairs qualify for the ACT Open Team Trial Final for the Brisbane team.
2 ANC Restricted Butler Gala Pairs Championship. Players to have less than 300 Master Points at 1 January 2016. Highest placed pair wins a subsidy from the ABF of $2,000 on condition they travel to Brisbane to contest the ANC Restricted Butler Championship of 2-3 July.
3. BFACT Novice Gala Pairs Championship - each player to have less than 25 Master Points at 1 January 2016.
Cost is $35 (including a light lunch) and refreshments after play. Or $20 for students, pensioners and first time congress players.

Mentoring Month is MAY!

The club is holding its mentoring program again during May. The program partners improving players with an advanced player for a couple of games. The emphasis is to help the improving player but it is designed to be for both players.

Players wanting to participate either as a mentor or a mentee should fill out a form available in the Barry Turner room under the TV.

The mentor will play the mentee’s “bridge system” and generally the mentee pays the mentor’s table money.

Please return your completed form to the box under the TV. Please note the closing date for entries is Friday 22 April. Players will be contacted with their individual arrangements.

If you have any questions please contact Janet Kahler on 6239 7268 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Intermediate Lessons with Ian Robinson

The Club is conducting intermediate lessons on Saturday May 7, 14 & 21 at 10.15am.
The lessons are designed to initially strengthen basic knowledge about the game and then to move on to more advanced techniques. The lessons are suitable for players with over one year’s experience with the game up to those regular long term players who need to consolidate and expand their skills.
Cost is $20.00 per lesson or $50 for all three.
Please put your name on the ‘improve your bridge’ board in the Barry Turner room.

President's Corner

Bulletin Number 15 – 14th April 2016

CBC, the Centre of Bridge in Canberra

Dear Members

This week I revert to featuring members in the club. First off is Jim Collier who makes a big contribution in many ways. Frequently he has acted as barman, on gardening and working bee’s, shopping for club supplies and more visibly as Gate Monitor on Monday and Wednesday sessions to maximise car spaces for our members. Next is Lisa Westwood who also helps a lot behind the scenes. Lisa works in many capacities. She is regularly involved in cleaning tasks and is frequently filling in for missing partners. The club thanks both members for their time and commitment.

A number of us travelled to Ballarat last week to visit the Ballarat Bridge Club. We had a mix of tourist and bridge events commencing with a Wednesday evening session and concluding with a farewell dinner on Saturday night. Apart from the daily bridge, highlights included a guided visit of the Mechanics Institute and the Botanic Gardens to see the begonia's. BFACT and the VBA each provided sponsorship to assist Ballarat launch their Annual Festival of Bridge.

There were 20 people in the Canberra group - that included some non playing spouses with 4 from Capital, (2 players and 2 spouses) plus 2 from Bendigo attended. Some that attended this year have asked me to sort the date for going again next year. More detail about next year shortly.

As part of the Canberra in Bloom Congress at the end of September we will be hosting a return visit by the Ballarat club. With the return visit we will be looking for involvement by our members to open their homes and to billet people and we would like to provide guides for visits to our major tourist facilities. Many have never visited Canberra before so our aim is to make their first time special. More information will be provided shortly as CBC develops a flexible program to suit the visitors. The program will offer choices of club and congress events and I expect CBC will host a dinner one night. If you can assist in any capacity please let the Managers, Rick Nehmy or myself know.

The visit by CBC members to Ballarat was so highly regarded along with the return visit that I envisage that this could become an annual visit by CBC and BFACT members. Many from here added family aspects into the trip with four people making it the grand tour of Victoria. Additionally, most of us went via Bendigo - one to take in elements of the Marilyn Monroe exhibition. It is worth checking the web for more detail and I think the exhibition might go to Albury next. The statue certainly grabs your attention as you drive into the middle of the city.

Members need little reminding of our Chief Director’s ongoing illness. Clearly that has had a major impact on the availability of directors across all bridge sessions but in particular on the Tuesday and Thursday night sessions. The club is operating under make shift arrangements and will continue to do so for some time. Re the Tuesday and Thursday night sessions, we currently have four directors, Gordon Henderson (acting Chief Director), Bruce Crossman, Ian Robinson and Max Mullamphy, all contributing to provide the best coverage that they can. I actually consider that CBC is very fortunate to have these directors available to help in this very difficult and ongoing situation.

Apart from Sean, none of our directors work full-time as directors. The above directors have other commitments and have very generously been filling in for the club. The Committee (and in particular myself) is grateful for their outstanding commitment and availability. I would emphasise that it is not easy to provide effective coverage of all sessions. However, I do acknowledge that although highly competent as directors, there are some non material aspects missing from the competitive nights, record booklets for example. Although unfortunate, I would ask members to bear with the situation, everybody is doing the best they can in a difficult situation. I would also remind members that directors are there to do just that, it is not an opportunity to commence a debate over a ruling. Should you feel that a ruling is incorrect, lodging an appeal is the correct process. Additionally, if you feel that the Committee is not doing an adequate job of managing this acknowledged difficult situation, by all means direct your comments to me. I am more than happy to meet with any member and discuss any issue.

Some questions have arisen regarding our Liquor Permit so a repeat of a recent posting on this subject. Please note, a permit is very different to a Liquor License. The club does not operate an open bar. We serve a limited amount of alcohol, maximum of two glasses per person and it is to be served into a glass. The permit does not allow for members to take a bottle from the serving table. Members wishing to consume more than two glasses of alcohol may of course bring their own. Please note, any event held in the club operates under the CBC permit. BFACT does not have a separate permit consequently all events are required to comply with CBC policy. It is NOT an option for BFACT or any other organization using our premises to obtain another permit. To even raise the matter with the Licensing Board would immediately put us into the Liquor License environment.

We do not want to go down the track of a Liquor License with the huge cost and the massive administration involved. I am nominated on the permit as the primary person who is responsible for compliance. I thank you for your understanding in this matter.

In regard to the Southern Cross Reward program a question arose this week. The Yacht Club is part of the Southern Cross and you can swipe your card there for CBC to access the benefit. If you experience any difficulties at any of their venues please let me know. I have attached the form again should you have friends that are members and they will assign their benefits to CBC.

Happy Bridging

Peter Giles