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Tuesday Evenings, 4 week competition with semi-final and final

Members of the winning team will be the 2018 Open Teams Champions

  • Heats, Thursdays 11th, 18th & 25th September and 2nd October  7:30pm
  • Semi-Final, Thursday, 4th October 7:30pm
  • Final, Thursday, 11th October, 7:30pm
  • RED masterponts.  MP rating 1OT GW 5.0
  • IMP/VP scoring in qualifying, knockout scoring in semi-finals and final
  • Pre-Entry Essential, methods include
    • Online Entry here
    • Sign-up in the Barry Turner Room
    • Contact the Managers, Kerry or Emily
  • Please see Table Money for costs 

                     Current Entries                 

  1.  Stephen Carter, Tim Davis, Rob Hurst, Desmond Manderson
  2. Ian Thomson, Arjuna De Livera, Ian Robinson, George Kozakos
  3. Chris Quail, Julia Hoffman, Pam Crichton, Ross Crichton
  4. Stephen Mendick, Bernard Waters, Tony Marinos, Peter Grant
  5. Tony Marker, Jan Davis, Sunny Campbell, Perelle Scales
  6. Earl Dudley, Anne Powell, Richard Hills, Hasmat Ali, Richard Neville
  7. Michael Cullen, John Brockwell, Val Brockwell, Jodi Tutty
  8. David Hoffman, David Appleton, Margaret Bourke, Elizabeth Havas, Peter Reynolds, David Wawn
  9. Liz Van Der Hor, Barb Toohey, Jenny Mendick, Justine Beaumont
  10. Donna Stewart, Lynne Turner, Peter Andersson, Gwen Gray Jamieson (Ruth Landau sub)
  11. Niek Van Vucht, Patricia McDonald, Jeanette Grahame, Denis Grahame
  12. Sally Barber, John Donovan , Brian Thorp, Margaret Kyburz


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