CBC Swiss Butler Pairs incorporating Von der Pahlen Mixed Pairs
CBC Swiss Butler Pairs
4 week competition from 23rd August

Incorporting the Von der Pahlen Mixed Pairs
An Honour Board Event
The event honours Beverley Von der Pahlen, a much-respected club member.

 THURSDAY EVENINGS, 23rd & 30th August 7pm and 6th & 13th Sept 7:30pm

  • RED  Masterpoints, MP Rating 4 B4c Sessions
  • Swiss movement, Butler scoring, 
  • Pre-entry is essential
  • Entries close Wednesday, 22nd August at 1pm
  • Late entries accepted only under strict conditions
  • Table Money, see here, concessions available
  • Online Entry Form


                     Current Entries                 

  1. Christy Geromboux & Earl Dudley
  2. Rob Hurst & Desmond Manderson
  3. Anne Powell & David Vaughan
  4. David Wawn & David Hoffman
  5. Patricia McDonald & Niek Van Vucht
  6. Sunny Campbell & Jan Davis
  7. John Brockwell & Michael Cullen
  8. Tony Marker & Bill Tutty
  9. Tony Marinos & Peter Grant
  10. Donna Stewart & Sally Barber
  11. Elizabeth Havas & Stephen Mendick


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