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State Interclub Teams, Sunday 22nd July

 An entry to moderate level Honour Board (red-point) teams event for players in the ACT and surrounding areas

10:00am to 5:30pm

Canberra Bridge Club

6 Duff Pl, Deakin ACT

Cost:     $80 per team.

             $40 per team for youth teams.

Tournament Convenor:       John Donovan
                                            This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Tournament Director:         Bruce Crossman

 Brochure                    Entries Closed


Senior Category Entries
EACH player must have been born BEFORE 01/01/1959

Club/Team No.

  1. Southern Highlands
  2. South Canberra 1
  3. Cooma 1
  4. Gungahlin 1
  5. Canberra 1
  6. Canberra 6

  Player Names

  1. Alison Minchin, Rakesh Kumar, Chris Bayliss, Catherine Chown
  2. Gordon Henderson, George Stockham, Ken Colbert and Alex Hewat
  3. Janet Strzelecki, Tineke Tamis, Peter Brennan, Margot Brennan
  4. Lydia Hockings, Larissa Cowlishaw, Joyce Woods, Liz Howard
  5. Geoff Hutchins, Helen Little, Susan Scerri, Allen Scerri
  6. Perelle Scales, Janet Kahler, Bill Tutty, Tony Marker

Intermediate Category Entries
EACH player must have fewer than 750 masterpoints as at 31/03/2018

Club/Team No.

  1. Capital 2
  2. Canberra 2

  Player Names

  1. John Donovan, Lynne Moss, Ian Dalziell, Trevor Berenger
  2. Jim Murray, Tamara Cutcliffe, Lesley Gunson, Keith Mitchell


Restricted Category Entries
EACH player must have fewer than 300 masterpoints as at 31/03/2018

Club/Team No.

  1. Canberra 3
  2. Capital 3
  3. South Canberra 1
  4. Bateman's Bay
  5. Goulburn
  6. Capital 2
  7. Southern Highlands 1
  8. Canberra 4
  9. Southern Highlands 2
  10. Kiama 1
  11. Gungahlin 2
  12. Canberra 5

  Player Names

  1. Deborah Milner, Andrew Kettle, Terri Henderson and Atul Haljela
  2. Caroline Dawson, Subhash Mohindra, Pradeep Sharma, Mohan Singh
  3. John Niven, Cathy Nichols, Frank Donnan and Hilde Gielb
  4. Laurie Oliver, Ron Maxwell, Louise Brassil, Michael Brassil
  5. David Graham, Karen Newby, Brenda Reynell, Maryann Brook
  6. Jeremy Dawson, John Knight, Desh Gupta, Subhash Jalota
  7. Michael Bembrick, Anthony Ractliffe, Rob Ward, Mardi Svensson
  8. Trish Evans, Roslyn Hinton, Claire Hughes, Cathi Bywater
  9. David Weatherall, Craig Curry, Pepy Evans, Stephen Brabyn
  10. Peter Muller, Jeannette Horrocks, George Mclean, Myra Hyland
  11. Vijay Arora, Indu Arora, Mary Robbie, Mandy Lalor
  12. Judy Netting, Nancy Hitchcock, Odette Mayne, Dan Danton


Novice Category Entries
EACH player must have fewer than 50 masterpoints as at 31/03/2018

Club/Team No.

  Player Names

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