Newsletter - 5 April 2018

From the President:

I welcome Emily Inglis, who has started work as co-office manager at the club; her regular days will be Thursday and Friday.  Kerry will still be working Monday to Wednesday but will be on leave next week.

Our office managers work very hard on our behalf. It is NOT one of their duties to fill in at the table to suit the personal convenience of members. Morning sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday end at 1.15 – if you plan to play bridge, please do not make arrangements that require you to leave before this time.

A partial farewell to our longstanding and involved club members, Leone Moffat and Richard Brightling. They are moving to live at the south coast, only two hours away, so we still hope to see them in the club quite often.

Best wishes,


Eclectic Results for March

  • Monday Red –                                              Richard Hills & Chris Stead
  • Monday Blue/Yellow –                                 Andrew Gibbs & Edith Blumenthal
  • Monday Evening Open –                             Hanna Coady & Jo Maxwell
  • Monday Evening Handicap –                      Jane Young & Jann White
  • Tuesday –                                                     John Brockwell & Brian Thorp
    (Please note that this was calculated manually and a hard copy of the results has been placed on the noticeboard)
  • Wednesday –                                               Catherine Cregan & Teresa Wise
  • Wednesday Evening Open –                      Ann Howarth & Barbara Winder
  • Wednesday Evening Handicap -                Chris Tough & Mary Tough
  • Thursday Morning Butler –                         Walter Koochew & Margaret Fanning
  • Thursday morning Blue                            John Daly & Janet Norris
  • Friday Morning –                                          Lance McDougall & Harold McCormick
  • Friday Afternoon –                                       Richard Hills & Richard Neville
  • Saturday –                                                     Helen Little & Geoff Hutchins

Evening session times

Monday:                      7pm throughout the year

Wednesday:               7.15pm throughout the year

Tuesday & Thursday: Summertime (till end of April) 7.30pm

                                   Wintertime (1 May – 31 August) 7.00pm

Sections in MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY morning sessions

Would members please think carefully about the movement in which they choose to play?

The Blue and Yellow sections are of comparable standard.

Many players are well able to play competitively in the Red section on any day, and their bridge may improve as a result. It would be preferable if players choose wisely themselves and obviate the need for committee members or directors to tap people on the shoulder.

Upcoming Events

CBC Barry Turner Teams - 4 week Competition commencing 17th April

Tuesday evenings, 17th & 24th April 7:30 pm and 1st & 8th May 7.00 pm.

  • Honour board event
  • Red Masterpoints, MP rating four B4c sessions
  • IMP/VP scoring, 3x9 board rounds OR
       2x14 board rounds each session
  • 1 of 3 Major Teams Events run by the Club
  • Honour Board Event
  • Pre-entry essential
  • Entries close Monday 16th April at 1.00pm
  • Late entries accepted only under strict conditions.
  • Cost $13 per session.
  • Online entry

BFACT State Simultaneous Teams

Thursday Evenings, 12th, 19th and 26th April at 7:30 pm

  • Red masterpoints, MP rating UUM three B4s sessions
  • American Whist or New England Relay movement, IMP scoring, short matches
  • Pre-entry essential
  • Entries close Wednesday, 11th April at 1.00 pm

Stage 2 State ANC Open Team selection event

The Stage 2 State ANC Open Team selection event will be held at 10:00 am this Sunday, 8 April 2018 at the Canberra Bridge Club. 

Entry is open to all BFACT affiliated club bridge players. 

The cost is $30.00 for 2 sessions of bridge with refreshments at the close of play.

Entries close tomorrow morning — please contact the office; do not enter online now.


For all above events, entry lists are on the BT Noticeboard in the Club and on the Club Website.


A reminder that for the next two months players who wish to play on Monday or Wednesday nights for the first time, as part of the next stage of their bridge development, may approach the managers for two half-price vouchers to assist them in this.

As part of a trial promotion, the monthly Eclectic winners, Open and Handicap, in these two groups receive a free-play voucher.

The Eclectics are calculated on your best three scores in that month with the same partner.

Do you have ideas about play on Monday or Wednesday evenings?
Your sub-committee members may be able to help.
They are: Clem Davis, Chris Tough, Deb Milner, Malcolm Wood, Tony Webb and Morna Falkland.

Skills Development Workshops – 28th & 29th April

Leading Melbourne teachers Pete Hollands & Laura Ginnan


  • Costs:  $35,
  • 9:45 am 
  • Two (2) Workshops, followed by play & discussion  (To Compete Or Not To Compete, and Cue Raises)
  • Refreshment: Bring your own lunch or order through the Club on Saturday morning            


  • Costs: $25,
  • 9:45 am 
  • Two (2) Workshops only (Bidding Weak Hands in Difficult Situations, and Double Trouble)

Bookings: Please book Online or ring Managers.
More Information:
Perelle Scales, M: 0450 961 935

Master the Basics – cement your Bridge skills

The next lesson is Wednesday April 11, with Barb Toohey.

  • The topic is Bidding “The Reverse Bid”

Supervised Session 2018 – all Beginners should attend

Supervised session topics Mondays 
(starting at 7.00pm)  
Thursdays & Fridays 
(starting at 9.30am)
Trump Play 9th April 12th April
13th April (Friday)
Seen on Norfolk Island last November: The inimitable and ubiquitous Rita Powning with new bridge partner

Fyshwick Trash & Treasure Stall

The Club will be holding a fundraising stall on Saturday 28th April.

Donations from club members would be most appreciated. Relatively small portable and saleable items only are what we need – books, CDs, DVDs, jewellery, vases, kitchen items, collectables, toys, games, etc. etc.

If you have any questions or would like to help on the day please contact:

Janet Kahler – ph. 6239 7268 or Gwen Jamieson Gray – ph. 0405 193 584 or Sue Taylor – ph. 6295 6691.

Congratulations to Lesley Gunson and Keith Mitchell

Lesley Gunson & Keith Mitchell ranked 8th in Australia in last month’s Nationwide Pairs, with a score of 65.904%.

The April Nationwide Pairs will be on Friday 20th April at 1pm.

Bridge For Kids

Tuesday 17 April 2018 at CBC 10am finishing at 12 noon with ice cream and pizza. Cost $2.

It is expected that a parent, grandparent or guardian would accompany each minor and assist if needed.

The target age is ten to twelve but younger ie eight, and older, to eighteen would be acceptable.

Card games include any trick taking game such as Old Maid, Hearts and mini bridge for older children. A competent player would supervise each table of four. This person could be an accompanying adult. As participants progress they may consider further lessons or participate in an accommodating bridge session.

We are asking the club membership to embrace this initiative by considering and volunteering to assist where possible.

Donations of packs of playing cards, and other card games would be welcomed.

 Names of possible participants and helpers can be given to the office for the attention of Elainne Leach or Patricia McDonald. We can be contacted by email. Elainne This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Patricia This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please help make this a success!