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Kantar Eddie Phoo 

The Canberra Bridge Club has secured the rights to present educational material prepared by Eddie Kantar, World Championship Winner and highly prolific author and successful teachers.

These lessons are suitable for a wide range of players - from players who are starting out in the Club's duplicate session, all the way up to experienced evening competition players.

Eddie Kantar is a professional bridge player, writer, teacher and member of the Bridge Hall of Fame. He won two World Champion and thirteen North American Championship titles. Eddie writes regularly for numerous bridge magazines around the world and is a frequent host on bridge cruises.

Visit his website herehttp://www.kantarbridge.com/



2021 Program

  • Plan Ahead: Manipulate Your Entries

    • Saturday 13 February 2021
    • Time: 1pm
    • Taught by Jodi Tutty
  • Plan Ahead: Using Inferences to Plan the Play

    • Saturday 20 February 2021
    • Time: 1pm
    • Taught by Ian Robinson


  • $20 per lesson for CBC members and interstate visitors
  • $25 per lessons for Canberra based non-members


  • Online
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Jodi Tutty

Jodi Tutty

  • Experienced player and teacher
  • Enjoys directing our bigger sessions


Ian Robinson

Ian Robinson

  • Chief Tournament Director at CBC
  • Very experienced player and teacher


                     Current Entries                 


Saturday 13 February 2021

  1. Susan Walters
  2. Teresa Maynard
  3. Chris Lokan
  4. Morag Lokan

Saturday 20 February 2021

  1. Susan Walters
  2. Teresa Maynard