CBC Egon Larson Butler Pairs

A 3 week event, starting 3rd March, 2020

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  • Dates: 3rd, 10th & 17th March, 2020
  • Time: 7:30pm
  • Honour Board Event.
  • Egon Larsen was co-founder of the Canberra Bridge Club. He died in a road accident while working in Indonesia.
  • RED Masterpoints
  • Butler scoring

2020 Winners

  1. Michael Smart & George Kozakos
  2. Tony Marinos & Peter Grant
  3. David Hoffman & Arjuna De Livera


Supplementary Regulations - CBC Egon Larson Butler Pairs 2020

  1. Entry Requirements 
    1a. Entry is open to all financial members of the ABF Masterpoint Scheme.
    1b. Entry may be made via (i) the CBC website, (ii) sign-up sheets on the CBC notice board.
    1c. Entries close at 1.00 pm on Monday 2 March. A late entry may be accepted providing that it does not compromise the integrity of the movement.
  2. Venue, Dates, Times and Entry Fees 
    The event will be held at the CBC Duff Place premises on the three Tuesday evenings 3, 10, 17 March. Play will commence at 7.30 pm. Would players please be seated 5 minutes before the start of each session. 
    Table money is $13 per player per session.
  3. Format 
    The Egon Larsen Pairs is a match-pointed event. It will consist of nine 9-board rounds or twelve 7-board rounds. The movement will be a Swiss or a round-robin or a truncated round-robin depending on number of entries. This will be determined by the Tournament Organiser in close consultation with the Director. 
    Before the start of the first session of the event, the Director shall announce the format of the event and the form of scoring. Before the start of subsequent sessions, the Director shall remind players of the form of scoring.
  4. Seeding 
    The field will be seeded (1 through n, where n is the number of pairs) using COMPSCORE.
  5. Draw 
    The draw for the first round will be: 1 vs n/2 + 1, 2 vs n/2 + 2, and so on, where n = the total number of pairs. 
    Draws for subsequent rounds will be made according to Swiss principles provided there are sufficient entries. Otherwise, using a round-robin or truncated round-robin movement, draws will be pre-determined. 
  6. Substitution
    BFACT substitution regulations apply.
  7. Scoring
    Each pair’s average percentage score for each match will be converted to Victory Points using the “Matchpoints to VPs decimal ― ABF” scale in COMPSCORE 2. Where critical, ties will be broken according to BFACT regulations.
  8. Slow Play 
    The time allowed for play is dependent on the number of boards per round. Otherwise, BFACT regulations relating to slow play and slow-play penalties shall apply to CBC events. Notwithstanding, the Director will be aware that it is a sound principle that the results of a bridge event should be decided at the table, not by administrative act.
  9. Systems 
    GREEN, BLUE, RED systems may be played. (BROWN STICKER concession will not be available.) 
    Pairs should have two system cards (completed according to ABF guidelines) available at the table.
  10. Appeals 
    BFACT regulations relating to appeals no longer apply. An appeal against a director ruling shall be heard by a Reviewer. The Reviewer is appointed by the Director in consultation with the Tournament Secretary and/or the President or, if neither is available, in consultation with an experienced player.
  11. Unexpected Situations 
    In the last resort, the Director shall take whatever action he deems necessary to keep the event in motion.
  12. Masterpoints 
    At the direction of the CBC Masterpoint Consultant, masterpoints will be awarded at 2.5 GW.
  13. References  
    The CBC Egon Larsen Pairs will be played under the 2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge. 
    Unless otherwise specified in these Supplemental Regulations, the event will be conducted under Tournament Regulations promulgated by the ABF and BFACT. The following associated references are available on the ABF and BFACT websites:
    1. ABF Tournament Regulations
    2. ABF System Regulations
    3. ABF Regulations for Written Bidding and Bidding Boxes
    4. ABF Alerting Regulations
    5. ABF Regulations for Play with Screens
    6. BFACT Tournament Regulations
    7. Conduct of Members of BFACT Affiliated Clubs
    Should conflict arise between these Supplemental Regulations for CBC Events and any of the above, an above-named document (in order a-g) shall take precedence.

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