Newsletter - 26 June 2020

In this week’s newsletter...

  • Lost - can you find it?
  • Returning to Bridge in the Club Rooms
  • Next week at the Clubrooms
  • Next week on BBO
  • Bridge Tips
  • Lighter moments (jokes)

From the President:

This is a significant week for the club, with some tables in play today at Deakin, after an enforced absence of 100 days.

We are taking small steps initially, so next week there will be two sessions in the clubrooms, Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon. Please see below for the BBO schedule.

Thanks especially to Deb Milner and Ian Robinson, among other committee members, for getting us ready for our return to the clubrooms.

The carpets have been cleaned this week. Thanks to the hardworking crew for the preparatory and reconstruction work for reopening:

Ken Anderson, Dan Danton, Meurine Thomas, Niek Van Vucht, Brett Yeats, John Hempenstall, Ella Beer, Nola Arnold, Margaret Kyburz, David Thompson, Julia Hoffman, Nola Arnold, Margaret Fanning, Malcolm Wood, Perelle Scales, Janet Kahler, Elizabeth Havas and Sue Doyle.

Best wishes,


Lost - can you find it?

REWARD: Between two and maybe six years ago an absent-minded, not to say forgetful club member, left a complete Bridge World for 1985 at the club.

It was probably in a "library bag" with maths on it;  or maybe a Woolies' bag. 

A reward of $50 will be paid TO THE CLUB should the missing Bridge World re-surface.

A further $50 will be paid (to the club) if the two years of Australian Bridge ('97 & '98) which were also in the bag appear.

Returning to Bridge in the Club Rooms

The ACT Government requires businesses to have a comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Plan in order to recommence activities. 

The Committee has written CBC’s Safety Plan in order to ensure face-to-face bridge sessions are as safe as possible for everyone.

That said, it is not possible to play bridge in the clubrooms in a way that completely removes all COVID-19 risks. The Committee understands that some members will not want to play face-to-face bridge at this time given their personal situation and health issues. We urge all members to consider their own circumstances and decide what is best for them.

Next week at the Clubrooms

For the week commencing Monday 29 June we have two sessions scheduled at the clubrooms

Wednesday morning 10.00am                                                Ian Robinson

Friday afternoon 1.15pm                                                        Bruce Crossman

Occasional notes

The pre-purchase of vouchers by members via direct deposit simplifies the admin effort required by Kerry & Emily and speeds up the flow of members into the clubrooms through the entry foyer. If you are not a direct deposit user the club will still accept cash at your first visit, but vouchers must be purchased in groups of five. Vouchers are transferable, so internal arrangements between friends might help some of our less tech minded members.

The committee has adopted a very conservative approach to the reopening process. Please be tolerant of our procedures until we can fine tune them to best suit the evolving Covid-19 situation.

Members will see the new bathroom facilities at the clubrooms for the first time. Please note that all bathroom lights are on a sensor timer – so please don’t turn any lights off.

Next week on BBO

For the week commencing Monday 29 June, we have scheduled 6 tourneys on BBO. The Wednesday 10.00am BBO tourney has been replaced with a session at the clubrooms:

Tournament Session Director
Monday morning 10:00am  Bruce Crossman
Tuesday evening 7:15pm (imps)  Stephen Fisher
Wednesday morning Novice 10:15am  Barb Toohey
Wednesday evening 7:15pm  Christy Geromboux
Thursday morning 10:00am  Jodi Tutty
Thursday morning 10:10am (imps)  Jodi Tutty 

Occasional notes

BBO is a sterile space and it is important that we try to maintain our membership camaraderie at the virtual table. Please make sure you greet to your opponents at the beginning of the round (briefly) and try and engage in chat at the end of the round. Jokes are a good idea.

More information is available on our BBO pages:

Bridge Tips

Not sure what to lead?

Contract: 3H

You are on the lead and hold:


♠ Q65
♣ J1096









With no bidding from your partner you might lead JC, a safe lead.

However, if your partner overcalled in S, show you were listening and lead 5S.

Do not lead QS – if declarer holds KJ3 you have created two tricks for the bad guys.

Lighter Moments

I'm watching a 3-year-old dowbnloading Apps on a mobile phone.
Me: I just worked out how to turn mine off without taking out the battery.

People are excited about the new iPhone but no one has caught up with the new technology of using your blinker when you drive.

 3 dogs sleeping on dog-beds. Caption: My wireless doorbells on their chargers.