Newsletter - 7 February 2020

In this week’s newsletter...

Upcoming Events

  • Valentines' Day Congress
  • BFACT ANC Seniors Team Selection – Stage 1
  • CBC Egon Larson Pairs


  • January Eclectics
  • January Promotions


From the President:

We all know how essential our directors are to our enjoyment of bridge. Last weekend Bruce Crossman, Sebastian Yuen and Christy Geromboux attended a National Directors Workshop, which included 32 directors from Australia and New Zealand. John Brockwell, in his role as chair of the National Directors Accreditation Committee, assisted at the workshop. We are fortunate to have so many talented and committed people working as directors.

If you cannot play in the Valentine’s Day Congress this Sunday, but wish to boost the club’s donation to the NSW Rural Fire Service, please give your donation to Emily or Kerry on Monday or Tuesday.

I look forward to seeing many of you on Sunday – we will have a full house.

Best wishes,


Session Starting Times

Could members please be at the club at least 10 minutes before the start of play as this assists the director in setting up the movement.

Metal name badges

Another batch of metal name badges will be ordered soon. If you would like to get one, please contact Kerry or Emily in the office to add you to the list for this order. The badges cost $15, and must be paid for before ordering.


One of the very necessary jobs in the club, increasingly so, is watering our plants. We appreciate Gordon McAlary, who does this superbly on Mondays. Is there someone who could do this before or after they play on Thursdays?

Morton’s Fork

For those of you who enjoy bridge and language, Morton’s Fork was an argument used by the Archbishop of Canterbury John Morton (1420-1500) in demanding gifts for the royal treasury:

If a man lived well, he was obviously rich, and if he lived frugally, then he must have savings.
Either way he could afford to pay taxes.

Nowadays the phrase is used to denote a dilemma, especially one in which both choices are equally undesirable.

And so to bridge where the term, coined by Alan Truscott, denotes giving the defender two losing options:

The Morton's Fork Coup is a manoeuvre by which declarer presents a defender with a choice of taking a trick cheaply, or ducking to preserve an honour combination, either decision costing the defence a trick. If the defender wins the trick, he sets up an extra high card in the suit, while if he ducks, his winner disappears because declarer has a discard possibility. 

Here is an example:



A Q 8 7
5 4
♦ Q 3 2
♣ A 9 7 3



♠ 2
♥ K 10 9 8 3
♦ A J 8
♣ K Q 10 2



♠ ---
♥ Q 7 6
♦ 10 9 6 5 4
♣ J 8 6 5 4



♠ K J 10 9 6 5 4 3
♥ A J 2
♦ K 7
♣ ---


South plays in 6S after West has opened the bidding with 1H and receives the lead of the club king. Since South cannot profitably discard on the ace of clubs, he ruffs the first round, draws the outstanding trump and leads a low diamond towards the queen, remembering West’s opening bid.

If West goes up with the ace, declarer subsequently discards two hearts on the diamond queen and club ace, while if West ducks, declarer discards his remaining diamond on the club ace and loses only one heart trick.

 (Hand reproduced from The Official Encyclopedia of Bridge)

November & December Committee Minutes

The minutes from the November and December committee meetings are now available to download on our Committee webpage.

Movie ticket winners

PaMmovieCongratulations to our lucky winners (so far) of a double-pass to an advance screening of The Professor and the Madman:

  • Di Hawke
  • Greg Ramsey
  • Gayle Webb
  • Clive Kirkby
  • Nicole Finn
  • Maureen Hickman
  • Cheryl Neal

Friday and Saturday winners are yet to be drawn, as of the time of writing the newsletter.

Missed out on winning a free double-pass? You can still treat yourself and see the movie when it comes out on February 20th.

Our Club has also obtained some double-passes to an advanced screening of Military Wives, starring Kirstin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan. Some of these passes will be available as prizes at Sunday’s Valentines Day Congress.

Military Wives

Advanced screening:

  • Wednesday 19th February, 18:30 (6:30pm)
  • Palace Electric Cinemas.

Military Wives

A ragtag group of women on a military base form the Military Wives Choir. Finding their voice together, the misfit choir put two fingers up to stuffy military tradition, anti-war protestors and their own personal differences.

In cinemas 12th March 2020.
View the ‘Military Wives’ trailer on YouTube.

Upcoming Events

Valentine's Day Congress

We are looking forward to the Valentine's Day Congress this Sunday 9 February.  Play will commence at 10:00am sharp so please be seated by 9:45am.

Entry fee will be collected on the day: $38 for Members, $40 for Canberra-based non-ABF members.

This includes morning tea, a light lunch and drinks at the end of play.

The profits from the day will be donated to the NSW Rural Fire Service.

To help make the day special, donations of any cakes and sweets for morning tea would be very much appreciated.

BFACT ANC Seniors Team Selection – Stage 1

  • Thursday Evenings - 5th, 12th & 19th March 7.30pm
  • Pairs Qualifying Event. Entrants must be born before 1/1/1960
  • In addition there will be a 3 week Butler Pairs event for non-seniors
  • Enter online or sign up on the entry sheet in the Barry Turner room.

CBC Egon Larson Pairs

  • Tuesday Evenings at 7:30pm - 3rd, 10th & 17th March
  • Enter online or sign up on the entry sheet in the Barry Turner room.

Lighter Moments


Princess, having had experience with princes, seeks frog.


January Eclectics



Monday Morning – Combined all sections

Robert Knapp & Mary Knapp

Monday Evening

Gill Allen & Anne Baldwin

Tuesday Afternoon

Adam Robinson & Sue Coleman

Wednesday Morning

Ella Beer & Jill Cromer

Wednesday Evening

John Hempenstall & Clem Davis

Wednesday Evening – Handicap

Andrea Twell & Penny Wild

Thursday Morning – Red

Margaret Kyburz & Roy Nixon

Thursday Morning – Blue

Patricia Mulcahy & Geoff Hooper

Friday Morning

Lance McDougall & Harold McCormick

Friday Afternoon

Arjuna De Livera & Sean Mullamphy

Saturday Afternoon

Adrienne Stephens & Di Hawke

Rank Promotions for January




Peter Jones
Elizabeth Yoo


Denyse Freedman
John McDonald


Mandy Lalor


Simon Grant


Jennifer Carter


Nola Arnold
Tony Webb


Geoff Hooper


Suzanne Samarcq


Donna Steward
Margaret Waight


Desmond Manderson

Bronze Life

Terry Pearson


Chris Stead

Lessons & Seminars

Master the Basics

  • Wednesday 9.15am
  • Will resume in 2020 on Wednesday 12th February
  • “Competitive Double – Takeout Double”

Thursday "Covering the Basics"

In 2020 the format of the Thursday lesson will change to incorporate some play.

Thursday 13th Feb - “Play Points – Promotion, Length, Finesse”

Supervised Play & Lessons

  • Monday evenings, 7:00pm
  • Friday mornings, 9:30am
  • 20 minute free lesson, then play in the Supervised Play section to reinforce your learning (normal table fees apply).
  • You do not need a partner for Supervised Play.


  • 10th & 14th Feb – Doubles & Overcalls
  • 17th & 21st Feb – Responses to NT & Stayman
  • 24th & 28th Feb – Responding & Rebids