Newsletter - 5 April 2019

In this week’s newsletter...

Upcoming Events


  • Tasmanian Festival of Bridge
  • Ballarat Festival of Bridge
  • Eclectics


From the President:

I look forward to seeing those of you who are coming tomorrow morning to help with many and varied jobs at the Working Bee from 9:30am onwards.

Best wishes,


Reminder: Daylight Savings ends

A reminder that our clocks will be changing on Sunday 7th April. Please ensure yours are set correctly, to avoid arriving an hour early on Monday sessions.

Please note this does not coincide exactly with our Club's Tuesday/Thursday evening "winter times" - which does not commence until Thursday 2nd May.

Carpark cards

Please collect from the office a small CBC Parking card and display this on your windscreen when parking in the CBC carpark. A suggestion has been made to put first-name & initial of surname on the card, in case we need to identify the owner. E.g. “John S”, “Jane D”...

Interesting advice from Richard Hills on Wednesday night

At our Pizza night on 4th April Richard Hills gave some interesting rules for when to stop in competitive bidding situations. These rules are:

  1. Stop bidding when you are doubled. Bidding on may get you further into trouble.
  2. Be aware that bidding on may push your opponents into a makeable contract, especially if it is a game or slam.
  3. Be aware that you may also be taking the opponents out of an unmakeable contract if you bid on.
  4. Don’t bid over your partner if they have made a “drop dead” bid.
  5. Dummy should not put down an 8 card suit unless it is trumps. I.e. if you have an 8 card suit you should be declarer. 

January/February committee meeting minutes

The minutes from the first committee meeting of 2019 are now available on the committee page.

Lighter Moments

A new employee made a phone call to ask a colleague to have a coffee.
A voice boomed back: ‘Do you know who you at talking to?’
New employee: ‘No’.
Voice: ‘I’m the managing director of the company’.
New employee shouted back: ‘Do YOU know who you are talking to?
Managing director: ‘No’.
New employee: ‘Good!’.

Upcoming Events

Bridge 4 Kids

The next Bridge for Kids session will be held at the club premises on Tuesday 16 April, from 10am until 12pm midday. The format is the same as previous sessions... mini bridge and other card games followed by Pizza and ice cream at 12pm midday.

The cost is $5 per child. A parent or guardian is expected to attend and assist if required during the session.
Could you please register each child attendee, their age and their carer’s name on the sign-up sheet on the club noticeboard. If there are any special dietary requirements include these in the comments section.

Further enquiries should be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Patricia at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

CBC Congress – Restricted Matchpoint Pairs

  • Sunday 14th April, 2019
  • <600MP per pair
  • $12 per player
  • Half-day event, commencing at 1pm.
  • Presentation & Awards with nibbles & drinks at 5:30pm
  • Entries close Wednesday 10th April, 10am
  • Register online or on the notice board

CBC Barry Turner Teams

  • Tuesdays 7:30pm, starting 16th April for 3 weeks

CBC President’s Butler Pairs

  • Thursdays 7:30pm, starting 11th April for 3 weeks

Kantar Lessons

These lessons are suitable for quite experienced players, as well as newer players. Those attending will be grouped with other players of a similar standard to enable Ian and Jodi to teach to the level of those at the table.

$20 per lesson for Members.

Sunday, 14th April, 10am

  • More Tricks as Declarer, placing opponent’s honours.
  • Optional lunch & entry to CBC Restricted Matchpoint Pairs for an additional $20

Sunday, 28th April, 10am

  • Even More Tricks as Declarer, counting the hand.

May is Mentoring Month

Do you want to improve your bridge game?

If you are a beginner who would like some help to improve your game, or a mid-level or slightly better player who wants help to move to the next level in bridge, the club invites you to apply for a mentor during May.

Each mentee will be provided with a suitable mentor as partner for 2 sessions of bridge. The mentor will generally play the mentee’s system. The mentee pays the table money.

Please complete the application located under the screen and put it in the box provided. Applications close on Monday, 29 April at 1pm. Contact Margaret Kyburz on (m) 0406 379 290, (h) 6241 3107 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any inquiries.

Mentors are needed. If you are a friendly person who is available to play 2 sessions during the month to assist a club member please complete an application to be a mentor.


Tasmanian Festival of Bridge

TBIB Open Swiss Pairs:                       1st Jodi Tutty & David Beauchamp
Roger Penny Seniors Swiss Pairs:       2nd Elizabeth Havas & Neil Ewart

Ballarat Festival of Bridge

Section 1 (Red):                                   1st Peter Giles & James Collier
Section 3 (Black):                                1st: Brett Yeats & Jennifer Yeats

CBC Seniors Pairs

Blue/Yellow:                                        1st: Richard Milner & Glenda Sullivan
Red:                                                     1st: Emlyn Williams & Stephen Carter

Eclectics for March



Friday Morning

Sau-Yem Lo & Nola Arnold

Friday Afternoon

Arjuna De Livera & Sean Mullumphy

Saturday Afternoon

John Hempenstall & George McLean

Monday Morning – Blue/Yellow

Patricia Mulcahy & Geoff Hooper

Monday Morning – Red

Emlyn Williams & Stephen Carter

Monday Evening

Judith Anderson & Nick Ware

Tuesday Afternoon

John Brockwell & Brian Thorp

Wednesday Morning

Sunny Campbell & Stephen Carter

Wednesday Evening

John Hempenstall & Clem Davis

Wednesday Evening - Handicap

Andrew Moorhead & Maureen Lipinski

Thursday Morning – Blue

Andrew Gibbs & Edith Blumenthal

Thursday Morning – Red

Stephen Carter & Denis Grahame

Lessons & Seminars

Master the Basics 

Master Basics will resume on April 10, 2019 at 9:15am.
“Declarer Play – Trumps, Discards on extra winners”.

Cost: $6 for members, $8 for non members 

Supervised Play

Week of

Monday / Friday


8th - 12th April No Trump Play #1 Competitive Bidding - Advancing T/O double
15th - 19th April Trump Play #1 Negative & other doubles
29th April - 3rd May Card Play #2 Finesse Planning - Play Points
6th - 10th May Better minor, responses & rebids Overcalls