Newsletter - 8 February 2019

In this week’s newsletter...

Help Needed

  • Changing tablecloths


  • Membership renewals overdue

Upcoming Events

  • Valentine's Day Congress
  • ANC Open Teams - Stage 1
  • Board-A-Match (Danish) Teams
  • Joseph Greenfeld Bridge Congress 2020 (Perth, WA)


  • January Promotions
  • January Eclectics - Additions/Corrections


  • Master the Basics
  • Supervised play

The Beauty of Mathematics

From the President:

The committee has decided to install solar panels on the roof of the bridge club. This will lead to significant savings in our energy costs. The company will commence work in the week of 18 February. We have explained to them our preferences in terms of clearing the car park for the big bridge sessions but I ask for your forbearance if things don’t go smoothly. We are aiming at long term gain.

I look forward to seeing those of you who are playing on Sunday.

Best wishes,


Help Needed

Volunteer to help changing tablecloths

If you would be happy to help out at the club with changing tablecloths once per week, please contact Kerry. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lighter Moments

Aussie Bush Etiquette is recognised throughout the civilised world, but we all need to be reminded from time to time. A few tips below:

  1. Never take an open stubby to a job interview.
  2. Always identify people in your paddocks before shooting at them.
  3. Even if you’re certain you’re included in the will, it’s rude to take your ute and trailer to the funeral.


Membership renewal now overdue

If you would like to retain your CBC Membership for 2019, and have not yet paid your fees, please do so as they are now overdue. Membership fees can be paid to the managers, to the director, or via bank deposit (with your surname & ABF number in the reference field).

Upcoming Events

ANC Open Teams – Stage 1

  • Tuesdays 7:30pm, starting 26th February for 4 weeks
  • Entries close Friday 22nd February, 10am.
  • Register online or on the notice board

Board-A-Match (Danish) Teams

  • Thursdays 7:30pm, starting 28th February for 3 weeks
  • Entries close Wednesday 27th February, 10am.
  • Register online or on the notice board

Joseph Greenfeld Bridge Congress 2020 (Perth, WA)

Advance notice for travelling bridge players:

The Asia Pacific Bridge Federation will hold the Joseph Greenfeld Bridge Congress at the Perth Convention Centre, Perth, Western Australia, 15th – 22nd April 2020.

This event is not restricted to the teams that will represent their countries; it will be open to all bridge players.


Promotions for January




Jennifer Carter, Heather Gill, Helen Paterson


Debra Birkby, Robert Campbell, Margaret Cox, Leonie Jones, Beverley Love, Rajiv Shah


Majorie Bishop, Andrew Gibb


Keith Jorgensen


Wenda Brown, Joan Westaway


Jeanette Harper


Geoff Hayes, Lyn Widdup


Trish Evans


West Savery

Gold Life

Trevor Berenger, Gwen Gray Jamieson


Sue La Peyre

January Eclectics – Additions & Corrections



Monday Night – Handicap

Annabelle Boag & Jeanette McCorriston

Monday Night – Open

Jennifer Carter & Lyn Carter

Wednesday Night – Handicap

Dev Shah & Rajiv Shah

Wednesday Night – Open

Clem Davis & John Hempenstall

Lessons & Seminars

Master the Basics 

Master Basics will resume on February 13th, 2019.
“Competitive Bidding – Takeout Double”.

Cost: $6 for members, $7 for non members 

Supervised Play

Reminder: There is a slight change to Thursday Supervised Lessons & Play for 2019.
Lessons will be 9:30–9:50am, with a charge of $5 for Members & $6 for non-members.
Thursday Lessons will be more advanced topics than Monday/Friday.
Supervised play on a Thursday will be at 10am, with a volunteer (not teacher) supervising.




11th Feb – Rule of 20 & Rule of 15

14th Feb –
Defence – Defence, Signals

15th Feb – Rule of 20 & Rule of 15

18th Feb – Pre-emptive openings

21st Feb –
Transfers - Major Suit Transfers

22nd Feb – Pre-emptive openings

25th Feb - Weak 2D/2H/2S openings 28th Feb - Competitive Bidding - 1NTx - Now what? 29th Feb - Weak 2D/2H/2S openings

The Beauty of Mathematics

(Reformatted from the original appearing in the Cairns Bridge Club Newsletter)

The Chinese invested playing cards in AD 1000.

Some interesting facts and observations about “playing cards”:

Did you know that the traditional deck of playing cards is a strikingly coherent form of a Calendar?

  • There are 52 weeks in the year and there are 52 playing cards in a deck.
  • There are 13 weeks in each season and there are 13 cards in each suit.
  • There are 4 Seasons in a year and 4 suits in the deck.
  • There are 12 Months in a year so there are 12 Court Cards (those with faces; namely Jack, Queen, King in each suit).
  • The red cards represent day, while black cards represent the night.
  • The Spades indicate ploughing or working.
  • The Hearts indicate Love thy crops.
  • The Clubs indicate flourishing and growth.
  • The Diamonds indicate reaping the wealth.

If you let Jacks=11, Queens=12, and the Kings=13, then add up all the sums of 1+2+3+ …to 13 = 91.

Multiply this by 4, for the 4 suits, therefore 91 x 4 = 364.

Add 1, that is the Joker, and you will arrive at the number 365 being the days in a Year.

Also, in some card games 2 Jokers are used; indicating the Leap year.

Of interest is the sum of the letters in all the names of the cards. Eg. add up the letters in “one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, Jack, Queen, King” = 52!

Is that a mere coincidence or a greater intelligence?

There is a deeper philosophy than just merely playing cards. The mathematical perfection is mind blowing.