Newsletter - 21 September 2018

From the President:

The committee year is coming to an end so, in addition to all the thanks I mention from week to week, I want to add my thanks to members who have been kind enough to pass on compliments for the work the committee members do. Some members did not know me a year ago but have made an effort to offer their support and friendship. I, and all committee members, appreciate that.

Best wishes,

Friends of Ronnie Carlson

Ronnie played bridge in this club for many years. After her recent death her sons want to give something in her memory to the Canberra Bridge Club to acknowledge the happy times she spent here.

We will plant a shrub outside the building on Tuesday 2 October at about 12.45.

It would be very nice if any of her friends are able to come.

Would the Tuesday afternoon players please attend this short ceremony.

CBC AGM - Next Tuesday

Our AGM will be held on Tuesday 25 September at 5.30pm. Nomination forms are available at the club. Please show your support for the club by coming along. We need a minimum of 20 members present to constitute a quorum. Proxy forms have to be with the Secretary, Sue Pillans, 24 hours before the meeting.

Committee Meetings Minutes

The Minutes from the June, July & August Committee Meeting are now on the website.

BFACT Office Bearers for 2018-2019

President:                                Marianne Bookallil

Vice President:                        Judith Tobin

Treasurer:                                Julia Leung

Secretary:                                John Niven

Tournament Secretary:            Niek Van Vucht           

Standby Players Needed

We need a list of people who are willing to fill in at short notice. If you would be happy to play for 
a session or two, or for a day or an event, please talk to either Kerry or Emily; or give Justine Beaumont a ring on 0414 637 075.

Monday-Wednesday Evening News

As part of our promotion of evening duplicate bridge, up to and including November 2018:

  1. The players who win the monthly Handicap eclectic events on Monday and Wednesday evenings will receive a free play voucher each as their prize.
  2. The Club will offer half price table-money vouchers (two per person) to members who have not previouslyplayed in Monday or Wednesday evening sessions. These will be available on request from the session Director, or one of our two managers.

Wednesday Night Bridge

The next Pizza night/lecture will be on 2 October from 6.15 pm with bridge from 7.15 pm.

Richard's next lecture will be on the “Do's and Don'ts of opening leads”.

Put your name of the list on the wall for Pizzas.

Upcoming events

Gateway Pairs

  • Tuesday 7.30pm:  9, 16, & 23 October - 7.30pm
  • All comers welcome
  • Best 2/3
  • Enter online or on the sheet in the BT Room

State Graded Masters Matchpoint Pairs

  • Thursday 7:30pm: 18th, 25th October & 1st November
  • Best 2 of 3 (same partner)
  • Red MasterPoints
  • Enter online or on the sheet in the BT Room

Gungahlin Club2Canberra in Bloom

Next weekend (28 Sept – 1st Oct) is the Canberra in Bloom congress. If you’ve never played in a congress this is a great one to start with. Each event has novice, restricted and open categories.

This year it’s being held at a new venue, the Gungahlin Club.

Gungahlin ClubDriving to Canberra in Bloom?

Don’t get lost or delayed on your way to Canberra in Bloom. There are some diabolical delays and road closures due to the tram works along Northbourne Avenue. The best access is via Gungahlin Drive, turn into The Valley Way, turn left into Hinder Street (club entrance), turn right into Efkarpidis Street and the Park is on your right (entry via lift or stairs to the club).

Bridge for Kids - Tuesday 2 & 9 October

  • 10am start and finishing at 12 noon with pizza and ice cream.
  • Cost is $5 per child.
  • Target age is 8-18 years.
  • Any card game will be played including bridge.
  • Come to one or both sessions.

It is expected that a parent or guardian will accompany each minor and assist if needed.  If you have any enquiries please contact Patricia: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


State Gala Day Pairs

  • Open:                         Jodi Tutty & Stephen Fischer
  • Intermediate:              Ian Daziell & Trever Berenger
  • Restricted:                  Tasmin Paige & Zach Neulinger
  • Novice:                       Dev Shah & Diya Shah
Jodi Tutty & Stephen Fisher Tasmin Paige & Zach Neulinger

Beginners Championship

  1. Peter Clarke & Sue Clarke
  2. (Tie) Marika Simpson & Debra Birkby  //  Dianne Manning-Heath & Elizabeth Moore
Sue & Peter Clarke Marika Simpson & Debra Birkby

Lighter Moments

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

- George Bernard Shaw

Bridge Hands

A follow up to last week’s Duke of Cumberland hand

Nick Ware read "Moonraker" in 1957, having just been taught bridge by an uncle.

He reminds us that Drax (who should have recognised his hand) could have sacrificed in 7 of a major, which is only one off on the diamond lead.

Bennett Murder

A true tragedy which occurred in 1931; John S Bennett was shot to death by his wife during a bitter argument over a hand at the Bridge table. While she was tried for murder, the Jury acquitted her. The hands are believed to be:

                                                ♠A 10 6 3

                                                ♥ 10 8 5

                                                ♦ 4

                                                ♣ A 9 8 4 2

♠ Q 7 2                                                                                    ♠4

♥ A J 3                                     Contract: 4♠                            ♥ Q 9 4

♦ A Q 10 9 2                           Declarer: South                        ♦ Q 7 5 3

♣ J 6                                                                                        ♣ Q 7 5 3

                                                ♠ K J 9 8 5

                                                ♥ K 7 6 2

                                                ♦ 8 5

                                                ♣ K 10

W        N         E          S

-           -           -           1S

(2D)     4S        (P)        P


John Bennett made a “psychic” opening bid of 1♠, not uncommon during that era.

Unfortunately, Mr. Bennett didn’t make the contract of his life. Can you?

Master the Basics – cement your Bridge skills 

Cost: $6 for members, $7 for non members

The next lesson will be on Wednesday, Sept 26:         

Transfers – “Invitational Hands”

Supervised Session 2018

Supervised session topics


(starting at 7.00pm)


(starting at 9.30am)

Strong 2C opening

24th September

28th September

Slam bidding, Blackwood

1st October

5th October

More Slams

8st October

12th October

Supervised session topics


(starting at 9.30am)



27th September


Partner, they have stolen by bid

4th October


1 NT & responses

11th October


- Barb, Ann and Jeanette