From the President:

As the Summer Festival of Bridge moves towards the end, I wholeheartedly thank the scores of club members, too many to list here, who have made a contribution to the organisation of this tournament:

  • The team of standby players, who were organised by Perelle Scales
  • The drivers, who were led by Neil Garvey and Brett Yeats
  • The setup and take down team, led by Niek Van Vucht and Rick Nehmy

What a magnificent effort!

Back to our club – I remind you to please consider the enjoyment of everyone in our club by turning off your mobile phones before you start play. Penalties can be applied for infringement of this rule – we don’t want that. Please turn them off.



2018 Beginners Lessons

Our 2018 Beginners’ Bridge Lessons commence on Monday night, 29th January, and Friday morning, 2nd February. The cost for the six week course is $75.00, which includes everything needed for the course.

The Beginners’ course is very comprehensive and is a lot of fun. Please let any family or friends you know that may be interested in attending this course.

For further details, please contact either, Ann Pettigrew, Jeanette Grahame, or the Managers (Keith or Kerry) on:


Ph. 0402 119 795

e-mail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ph. 0412 124 284

e-mail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ph. 6282 2382

e-mail – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


All Session Times for Bridge

Please note the start times of each session and arrive at least five minutes prior to start of play. Late arrival can cause confusion as the director will have already set the movement.


Bridge Sessions over Christmas and New Year Period

Please note: The Canberra Bridge Club will host all normal sessions for each day and evening except for the following, which are the days and sessions the Club will be closed:

Thursday 18th January 2018 – EVENING SESSION

Due to Summer Festival of Bridge event


Summer Festival of Bridge - Results to-date:

Congratulations to:

  • Warm Up Pairs:  Bev Crossman (with Margaret Pisko) - won,
  • Penline One day Swiss pairs:  Jeanette and Denis Grahame - won,
  • Rising Start Pairs:  Claire Hughes and Cathi Bywater - won,
  • Red Plum Life Masters Teams:  Chris Stead (with Eric Baker, Keith Blinko and Terence Sheedy) won, and Ian Dalziell, Trevor Berenger, Terry Heming and John Donovan placed second,
  • National Rising Stars Teams:  Jeanette McCorriston, Annabelle Boag, Miklos Titan and Gerdina Bryant placed second,
  • Super Novice Swiss pairs:  Jann White and Sue Stacey placed second,
  • National Super Novice Teams:  Jane Young, Lilian Young, Jann White and Sue Stacey - won,
  • Seniors Teams:  Ian Robinson and George Kozakos (with David Anderson and George Smolanko) won the qualifying round robin and qualified to the semi-finals, and Arjuna Delivera (with Avinash Kanetkar, Bruce Neill, Warren Lazer, Pauline Gumby and Andrew Braithwaite) also qualified to the semi-finals,
  • Women’s Teams:  Margaret Bourke (with Sue Lusk) and Jodi Tutty (with Jessica Brake) won the qualifying round robin and went on to win the event.


Upcoming Competitions:

  • CBC Butler Pairs (incorporating Ted Crichton Mixed Pairs & Red Masterpoints) - commencing on 23rd January through 30th January, 6th and 13th February. Four Tuesday evenings, starting at 7.30pm. A Butler pairs event open to all-comers. The entry list is on the BT Room Notice Board.
  • State Matchpoint Pairs (Red Masterpoints) - commencing on 25th January through 1st, 8th & 15th February. Four Thursday evenings, starting at 7.30pm. A matchpoint pairs event open to all-comers. The entry list is on the BT Room Notice Board.
  • FRIDAY AFTERNOON – 19th January - Nationwide Pairs

Red Masterpoints,
Test your play against players of all calibres Australia wide,
No entry requirements, just walk-in, no additional cost,
Click here to see the ABF Nationwide Pairs site including results.


Master the Basics –

Will resume again on Wednesday, 31st January 2018.


Supervised Sessions:

Notice for all Supervised Players

December 2017 - January 2018

Please note, Barb, Jeanette and Ann are taking a break over the summer period.  However, supervised sessions will continue throughout, but without the lesson beforehand.

There will be a volunteer to look after you, an experienced player who will be there to help organise the session and to assist you.

These sessions are designed to give you lots of play practice over the summer period.

Monday evenings will still begin at 7.00pm and Thursday mornings will commence with duplicate at 10.00am. It is important that you arrive at the Club and are seated 15 minutes before the start of the session, so the Director can arrange the movement.

Monday’s at 7.00pm                                     Thursday at 10.00am

      22nd January 2018                                         25th January 2018


Supervised Session 2018 – all Beginners should attend

Supervised lessons will resume on Monday 29th January (7.00pm) and Thursday 1st February (9.30am).

We hope you have enjoyed the Summer Sessions as well as your holiday time, and we look forward to seeing you again in the 2018 Supervised sessions.

Supervised session topics 2018

Monday’s commencing 7.00pm

Thursday’s commencing 9.30am

Pre-emptive Openings

29th January

1st February

Weak 2D/2H/2S openings

5th February

8th February

Barb, Ann and Jeanette


And please don’t forget to support our Advertisers where appropriate:

I think most are aware of the importance to our club, the organisations that advertise in our Club Calendar.  The cost of their advertising defrays the cost of printing.  Our own member, John Dunn (Dwyer Dunn Property Consultants) has long supported the club advertising, is always one of the first to renew and pay for his advertisement.  John would welcome a call from anybody looking to buy, with a property to sell or if you wish to rent or list a property to rent.  Contact details are included in this message and further copies are in the foyer.

Battery World at Phillip is another firm that supports the club through advertising.  Again, copies of their brochure are available in the foyer.  I am keen to hear from any member using the services of Battery World as it is helpful to be able to demonstrate that their advertisement is an investment rather than a cost.  Please let the managers or myself know.

Peter Giles


Ha ha ha..............

 Why are there more psychopaths in Sydney than Bridge players in Canberra?

.......Sydney had first pick!


Handyman Husband:

On a cold winter morning, wife texts husband:"WINDOWS Frozen, Won’t Open".  Husband texts back:  “Pour some  Lukewarm Water over it and tap gently along the edges with a hammer”.  Five minutes later wife texts husband: “COMPUTER Really screwed up now".

 Happy Bridging



Reminder – renewals of membership – NOW OVERDUE!

Please note, renewal of 2018 membership is now overdue. If you have not already renewed your membership, can you please do so ASAP. You can pay by EFTPOS (on-line banking  direct to CBC Bank account), details being:

Account name – Canberra Bridge Club

BSB – 062 919

Account no. 00920020

Please include your ABF no. (and surname if possible)

Alternatively, you can pay your renewal membership by ‘cash’ or ‘cheque’ at the Club.

Thank you for your assistance here.


Kind regards

Kerry and Keith