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Single Session Events

Multi-week Competitions
Tuesday Evenings
  * Medley Teams
* CBC Summer Singles Butler Pairs (also Thurs Evenings)
hursday Evenings
     * Christmas Butler Pairs
    * CBC Summer Singles Butler Pairs (also Thurs Evenings) 
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 Multi-Week Competitions

Pre-entry for these events is often required.  Please note that late entries will only be accepted at the sole discretion of the Director,
The Director will take into account a variety of factors when making a decision to either accept or reject a late entry

 Medley TeamsTUESDAY EVENINGS, 5, 12 & 19 December 
  Online Entry Form
*Butler Scoring, 3x9 board rounds per session
* During a session each team member plays one round with each other team member
*RED  Masterpoints, MP Rating GW 3.75, State Event IT3
 Entries close 4th December 4pmView entries hereCost $13 money

 Christmas Butler PairsTHURSDAY EVENINGS, 7, 14 & 21 December
  Online Entry Form
*RED masterpoints. MP rating GW 2.5
* Butler Scoring, 3x9 or 4x8 board rounds per session
* End-of-year hospitality at end of play 21 December.
* Entries close 6th December 4pmView entries hereCost $13 money

Summer Singles Butler Pairs

Walk-in Pairs, no pre-entry required
   * Thursday, 28th December 2017
   * Tuesday, 2nd January 2018
   * Thursday 4th January 2018
   * Tuesday, 9th January 2018
No need for contestants to play each session, or to play each
   session in the same pairing
Green masterpoints. MP rating GW 1.5
*  Butler scoring, 9 x 3-board rounds or 7 x 4 board rounds each session
*  Best two score with the SAME partner will determine winner.
* A relaxed evening of bridge well suited to the Christmas/New Year seson.

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 Single Session Events

Nationwide PairsFRIDAY AFTERNOONS once a month 
* Next event 15th December 2017
* Red masterpoints
* Test your play against players of all calibres Australiawide
*  No entry requirements, just walk-in, no additional cost
*  Click here to see the ABF Nationwide Pairs site including results.


Ad Hoc Teams

Wedesday Evening, 6th December 7:15pm
  Online Entry Form

Set up your own 4 player Team or just enter as a pair and
     we'll make up a team for you.
* GREEN Masterpoints
*  Use the event as a "toe in the water" to try out Team Play in preparation for
     the Summer Festival
*  Gateway Event, to help our Rising Stars experience competition event
*  Entries Close 4th December 4pm, view entries here, $10 members,
    $9 Concessions


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